One Month Journey Of SAIKISITE. For all the budding Bloggers.



One month Journey of SAIKISITE

Hello, People
Here in this article on SAIKISITE, I am going to share with you all the first-month journey of SAIKISITE. I feel it’s important to share everything that I’ve learned or will learn in my coming days in the field of Blogging. So from now, after every one month, I’ll publish a post to share with you all every important thing that I’ll learn or will experience through SAIKISITE. I feel it’s important for all the bloggers to
understand the real work behind blogging and the real meaning of having your own blog. I am very sure that my experience will help many of the budding bloggers.
So here, I am going to talk about the first month of SAIKISITE.

How did we start?

Exactly a month back, on this day that is on the 24th of June 2016, SAIKISITE was established. I have a very good friend, Vishal Jaiswal (co-founder of SAIKISITE), who is a master in the field of Web designing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, Vishal visited my house as I was also home due to the summer breaks of my college. We started talking about blogging and he told me lots of interesting things about SEO. That was the first time that someone gave such a deep knowledge on blogging to me. I told Vishal to stay for a night to discuss more about blogging and SEO.
Around 2 AM that night, we decided that we must start our own blog but not like the usual ones. So, I told him that let’s buy our own domain and let us work seriously on this thing. He agreed and we started looking for a domain name on the internet.

Our Domain Name 1454

A lot of people have asked me this question many times that why do we have this name (SAIKISITE) as our domain. Well, actually that night when we could not decide at all about our domain name, I woke my mother up, briefly told her about everything and asked her for a domain name. Obviously, she wasn’t happy that I woke her up in the middle of the night but still she told me to make this website, SAI BABA’s website. SAI BABA is an Indian spiritual master and we are all  very big worshipers of him. So, we were confused but finally decided to have the name SAIKISITE that means SAI BABA’s website (SAI+ KI+SITE). The ‘KI’ here is in Hindi. So , it is a Hindi + English name and spirituality is involved in it.
We bought our domain name ( from for around Rs.600/- and marked our start.

Our First Plan

So, that night after purchasing the domain name, we made a short plan and decided that we’ll always follow few rules and will never violate them.


We decided that all our posts will be in English but in a very simple language so that anyone who understands the basic English language can understand them.
We decided that we will provide all the young budding writers (of schools, colleges etc.), a platform through SAIKISITE to publish their brilliant articles.
We decided that anyone can write on anything and they can send it to us and we will publish it after going through it properly. Click here
We decided that we both (Me and Vishal) will divide our work and every night we will be having a telephonic or messaging meeting about SAIKISITE
So, this was our first ever plan and after this, our journey began.

Blogspot 1

So, after having our own domain name, we decided that we will start the blogging using the Blogspot by Google for at least few days as our starting. We thought that we will learn a lot from it and I would even request every new blogger out there to start their blogging using only. It teaches you the basics of Blogging and develops your interest in it. Before SAIKISITE, I’ve never done blogging earlier ever but after using for few of the starting days, I started loving it and learned a lot from it.

Our Team

As I’ve already told you that I and Vishal started this website to promote the young budding writers to use SAIKISITE as a platform to showcase their writing talent and share their knowledge with the world. So, we started talking to people who wanted to write but they didn’t know where to start from? As days passed, we even received 4-5 calls and emails from people who wanted to write for SAIKISITE. So, within 20 days of our starting, we got 3 to 4 people who wanted to publish their articles on SAIKSITE. Click here.

I adopted a Good Habit

As I wanted to have at least 1-2 posts every day on SAIKITE (which is not an easy task if you’re planning for an SEO based quality articles), so it was very important for me to change my ways and habits. The most important one was reading. I was never into reading but I developed a habit of reading things from the internet. Always remember that reading is very important for a blogger. You cannot blog if you do not read. So, I started reading a lot and I also started watching videos of many famous Bloggers.
I am really inspired by Mr. Harsh Agrawal, the founder of

Our Progress

We were posting 1-2 articles almost every day and I was enjoying a lot. Our meeting platform was mainly Whatsapp where every night we used to discuss our progress and also ways to improve our website. Within just 18 days, our total page views reached over 10000. We posted all our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every other social networking platforms. We wrote articles on many topics such as Tips and Tricks, Alexa Rank, Entertainment, Making money online, Blogging etc.. From the very first day one of our main goals was to achieve the Alexa Rank within one month and today when I’m writing this article, we got our Alexa Rank. The most important development that took place in this one month is that we shifted on WordPress just on the 24th day of SAIKISITE’s release.

WordPress 12

Using WordPress is little bit complicated as compared to the So, it is very important to work on the for the starting days because it teaches you a lot. The shift to WordPress took 3-4 days which resulted in the decrease of the rate of articles posting. If you are serious about blogging and you want to continue it as a serious business then you must shift on the WordPress. We used Bluehost to host our WordPress and we purchased a 1 year US hosting of Rs. 3468/-. 13
So getting the Alexa Rank in just one month was the highest point for me for this month.
Now, all our articles are being published and read by people around the world. Now, the plan for our next month is to put an intense hard-work and bring out the best articles for our readers. We’ll also aim to improve our Alexa Rank and generating money through our blog.
Keep reading SAIKISITE and every month on this date I’ll be sharing my one month experience with SAIKSITE  to help you all. If you have any question or suggestion, please comment below.
Thank You !