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I can assure you that most of you, earlier, used to think that Aquaman is the worst superhero of all. The actors from Big Bang Theory have also added a lot to it. But, after having a look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman, people are going insane on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.. People are loving him as the Aquaman actor. People have been going crazy about him since his cameo in Dawn of Justice. The movie of this solo hero is currently in production and will release in 2018. People are already very excited for the Aquaman 2018. They cannot wait to see the Aquaman powers in the Aquaman movie but fanboys are still excited to see him in the next year’s Justice League. The Comic-Con Justice League trailer is already out and it has been received brilliantly by the fans.

Click here if you want to see the Justice League Comic-on Trailer. (Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures, YouTube)

While every fanboy is applauding to the decision to cast Jason Momoa for his badass role, there are some who are far more suited for the role of Aquaman in the Justice League movie.

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Actors who are far more suited for the role of Aquaman in the Justice League movie are:

Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy is dashing and charming and amazing hair. One reason for him to become Aquaman and show the audience the Aquaman powers is that he can build up his physique, similar to that of Momoa’s or better than his. His character ‘Bane’ in ‘The Dark Knight’ franchise is an example. He is known to play rough and tough roles like ‘Warrior’ and ‘Bronson’. These movies required him to transform his body and bulk up. Another reason that he can transform his body and make it like that of Momoa’s or even better. His role as ‘Max Rockatansky’ in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ proves that he can provide his character with the kind of intensity which is required by the leader of Atlantis. James McAvoy plays a Scottish Charles Xavier, there’s no harm in an English King of Atlantis.

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Some brilliant performances of Tom Hardy are in the following movies movie.

The Dark Knight Rises

Mad Max: Fury Road


Warriors, and many more.

In a nutshell:
Hardy deserved to play Aquaman in the Justice League movie or even in the Aquaman movie of 2018 because he excels in transformative roles. He fits perfectly as the Aquaman actor.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles is famous for his role as ‘Dean Winchester’ in ‘Supernatural’. His role has got him popularity and a huge fan base, but this has also prevented him from accepting different roles that can push him to a higher grade. Ackles has played as a role as ‘Jason Todd/ Red Hood’ in the animated movie ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’. Ackles may be just a TV star, but his charisma is something that can flourish in a bigger cinematic role. His intensity as ‘Dean’ as well as ‘Jason’ has been observed and the intensity he carries with his voice and charm is something people will admire on the big screen.

Some brilliant performances of Jensen Ackles are in the following series:

Smallville, etc..
In a nutshell:
Ackles also deserved to play Aquaman in the Justice League movie or the Aquaman movie of 2018 because he’s much more charismatic and intense than Jason Momoa.
Still, Momoa has hit us with his badass character and his look as seen in the Justice League trailer.

Justice League Movie and Aquaman Movie:

Justice League movie will be out in 2017 and all the casts of Justice League are looking amazing the trailer. The Aquaman movie which will be out in 2018 is also one of the most anticipated movies because of the Aquaman powers and the kind of character he is.
So, this is just my view on the character of Aquaman after I watched the Comic On Justice League Trailer. You may have a different view and if that’s the case then please comment below in the box. Keep reading SAIKISITE.
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