Popular Animated Movies List that give great Life Lessons

Popular animated Movies that give great and inspiring life lessons. This list contains animated movies like Kung-Fu-Panda, Ratatouille.


A rat is wearing a chef’s hat, a panda is undergoing gruelling sessions to become a Kung Fu aficionado, fishes are planning their escapades, monsters have become absolutely adorable, and a family that is incredible, quite literally!
It’s time to welcome you to the spectacular world of animation, one that will compel you to go beyond the mundane visuals and mediocre thoughts.
Howdy, folks!
Here in this article of SAIKISITE, I bring to you a list of my favourite and popular animated movies. Movies with an inspiring magic and undiminished spark. Movies that are bound to make you smile after a tiresome day from college and school.

Popular Animated Movie: FINDING NEMO


Produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Finding Nemo is a 2003 American adventure movie.

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

The story revolves around the abduction of a clownfish Nemo, whose dad Marlin and regal blue tang named Dory, leave no stone unturned to get him back. Through the journey, Marlin himself gets in terms with the fact that Nemo despite his disability is capable enough to take care of himself.
I distinctly remember this as the first animated movie I watched way back on a school trip. The most important lesson the movie taught me was that in the lowest of times, you’ve just got to “keep swimming”.

Popular Animated Movie: KUNG FU-PANDA


Produced by DreamWorks Animation ,Kung fu panda is a 2008 American martial arts movie

IMDb rating: 7.6/10

Set against the backdrop of ancient China, the movie narrates the story of “Po”, a panda who seeks to be a kung fu master. Circumstances compel Po to become the “chosen one” to create peace.
It’s a movie that can inspire you to infinite proportions. It will make you believe in the importance of toil and the fact the power is only inside you. Succeeding with grit and determination despite all odds is the theme that  resonates through the movie. It is a very popular animated movie.
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Popular Animated Movie: RATATOUILLE


Another Pixar Production, it is a 2007 animated comedy movie.

IMDb rating: 8/10

The main title alludes to a French dish and is also a play on the fact that the protagonist, Remy was a rat. Albeit a rat, he had a gifted culinary sense. The movie narrates Remy’s dream of becoming a chef and his alliance with Gusteau’s (a restaurant) garbage boy.
Folks, all those times when you thought about giving up and stop dreaming big because of the hindrances in the path, think about this rat (a symbol of an unhygienic environment) who dreamt of becoming the head chef at an elite restaurant and ultimately achieved it.

Popular Animated Movie: DESPICABLE ME


A Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment Production, it was released in 2010.

IMDb rating: 7.7/10

It revolves around Gru, a super-villain, and his minions. Gru adopts three orphans as stakes for carrying out his evil plan. However ,the girls start looking up to him as a father figure .Consequently, his life turns upside down.
A movie that will leave you with a big fat smile, the minions of the movie with their weird yet adorable ways will leave an indelible impression on your heart imparting you with the most important life lesson
“Stay happy, no matter what!”
So, folks find a little time from your busy schedule and enter a world of fantasy and do watch these popular animated movies.
Signing off, for the time being, hoping that you’ll tell me about your favourite animation movies and what you loved about it? by commenting below in the box. Will wait for your feedback. Keep reading SAIKISITE
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  1. Real learnings! Awestruck! ! Keep up the good work and the beautiful connections that you make between the topics and real life! Go Girl!!

  2. Nice article. I remember the first time I saw Kung Fu Panda how perplexed I was when the secret scroll turned out to be empty. However, there really was wonderful life lesson to be learnt there about self-confidence and self-belief. Would love to read more.