Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers


How to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers?


Hello friends, today I am going to share on SAIKISITE that how to secure your Facebook account from hacking?. Here you will learn to prevent your Facebook account from Hackers or other people like ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. So let’s see how the Facebook Account Protection from hackers, malware, phishing attacks, keyloggers and others can be done.

Always follow these basic steps while using your Facebook account:

These steps are:

1. Always use some AntiVirus.
2. Firewall threads in your PC/Laptop. Keep it ON, always.
3. Do not make your mobile phone numbers or e-mails public on your Facebook profile.
4. Do not log in your Facebook account through some other person’s PC/Laptop system.

5. Update your AntiVirus every day, especially if you are using the internet daily on your PC/Laptop.

secure facebook password
6. Always change passwords of your Facebook account, generally after every 15 days.
7. Do not access or give your token to other websites, For example, to sites which give free auto likes, auto comments, and follows on your Facebook.
8. Prevent from phishing attack that means before login to your Facebook account. always check the URL. For example, see the image below which is showing fake URL of Facebook.
9. Never tell your Facebook password to anyone.

10. Before log in your Facebook account in cyber cafe or internet labs, always checks that system so that there is not any kind of malware or keyloggers present in that system.

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