PS4 or Xbox One: Which Gaming Console is better?



XBOX ONE and PS4 Specs

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For all my Gamer friends out there, who are wishing to buy a Gaming Console and just got stuck between the two big market leaders over the decades, XBOX ONE and PS4 , have done a great job by landing on this page, as in this article of SAIKISITE, all of your chaos and doubts will be solved. As I will guide you through this article, you will get to know which one is right for you, by comparing the PS4 vs Xbox One Specs.

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For over decades, SONY and MICROSOFT are fighting for gaming console legacy over the market. When it comes to gaming consoles that last till decade, people should search for enough performance to keep up this big deal. Now, let us compare both the consoles on the basis of different criteria, which generally a real gamer would search for.

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PS4 or Xbox One Specs: THE CPU


Both of the consoles use a custom made AMD APU which is based on AMD Jaguar architecture. Both the consoles run on a core processor, but PS4 has a processor clocked at 1.6 GHz while the XBOX ONE has a slight edge at 1.75GHz. Both processors are similar to AMD Athlon desktop processor but the slight difference is the Athlon is packed with 4 cores. Both the consoles use almost 2 cores for OS and other Platform related tasks and remaining 6 cores for gaming but in XBOX ONE the 7th and the higher core is used only when the game requires it or for the voice commands or when Kinect needs it. So, we have seen that things are identical at CPU front.

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PS4 or Xbox One Specs: THE GPU


Here comes the most important part. Both the consoles features an identical AMD Radeon Graphics Processor but the PS4 takes the lead here, let’s see how?
PS4 has 1152 stream processor while the XBOX ONE lags at 768 only and the rate of PS4 is also high at 1.84 teraflops per second while XBOX ONE has a rate of 1.31 teraflops. But again in terms of frequency XBOX ONE leads at 853 MHz while PS4 is clocked at 800MHz. But here the PS4 has a win over XBOX ONE despite the faster clock speed.

PS4 or Xbox One Specs: THE MEMORY


Both of the consoles are packed with 8GB of RAM but after the consumption from various types of system software, around 5GB is available for gaming. PS4 comes with a GDDR5 memory which is a higher bandwidth and slower to access memory with a transfer rate of 176GB/s but XBOX ONE has a difference which comes with a DDR3 memory which is a slower bandwidth and quicker to access at 68GB/s. But XBOX ONE has another coin to play which is packed with another small chunky memory known as ESRAM which has an amount of 32MB. It is a superfast memory dedicated to GPU. However, it requires developers to properly take an advantage of it. But again, PS4 uses a brute force approach which gives it a clear victory here.

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Both of the consoles are packed with mostly similar hardware which brings more or less no difference in graphics but PS4 has a slight edge over XBOX ONE in terms of graphics. On the other hand, XBOX ONE comes with an amazing support of Microsoft Windows 10, an amazing user interface and of course the whole new Kinect but PS4 gives us an access to various types of 3rd party games. If one is totally concerned about gaming, PS4 should be your choice but if you want some little extra enjoyment stuff with a great user interface then you should definitely go for XBOX ONE.

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