Are Aliens Real? (SETI and Confirmation Signal from a Distant Star)

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Are aliens real? Read about SETI and its confirmation about a signal from a distant star

On 30th of August 2016, astronomers have found a strong signal from a 94 light years distant star called as HD 164595. SETI institute which is working in finding even the slightest possibility of extraterrestrial existence has this achievement after quiet a long time now. The signals were so strong that all other space agencies surrender to ought that this must be produced from an even highly developed civilization.


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Possibility of Aliens existence

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SETI confirmed that a signal has been detected by the Russian radar on 30th of August 2016. Obviously, it is such a big news that it has made the people of the world crazy with their thoughts. Everyone is speculating this signal in their own perspectives. Some might be thinking that the aliens are there and they are real. But the reality might be staggering. The location of the star and its surrounding will shortly allow the biologist to predict the nearest possibility of kind of life, similarities and dissimilarities between ours and their races. But the biggest question is, Are we ready?

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Let me just brief you about the institute, SETI


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SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence). There are many space agencies working day and night in search for any life existing beyond earth in farther planets or galaxies and SETI is the collective term for that and it is for the scientific search for some extraterrestrial intelligent life.

There are many space agencies working day and night in search for any life existing beyond earth in farther planets or galaxies and SETI is the collective term for that and it is for the scientific search for some extraterrestrial intelligent life.

Organisation and funding


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SETI is a very dedicated organisation as it is a totally non-profit organisation and all its major funding is from a Russian entrepreneur, Yuri Milner. Employees are mainly doing the jobs based on their interest and drive for a search of aliens or any extraterrestrial life.

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How can you connect with SETI? (SETI at home)


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It has many members across the world. SETI is also running many computer programmes known as ‘SETI@HOME’, which works on personal computers when interested individuals allow those applications to run and search the radio data from all over the SETI antennas to search any gestures or signal of aliens.
SETI developed this gesture of including as many members as possible in the quest of finding aliens as no supercomputers or technology, right now, is sufficient enough to hold the data and the level of search required to really find signals from the aliens.
So finally, SETI conjectured this idea of connecting as many systems as possible throughout the world.

SETI’s previous achievements


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SETI’s major achievement came in 1977 when it received a signal decoded as “WOW!!!” By an astronomer, Jerry Ehman. The same signal was sent several times back in the same region but never again the opportunity of further communication was established. Now, Scientists have been trying to send other signals in yet another regions of the sky with a hope to establish any communication in the near future. SETI takes in the confidence over other agencies by stating that “SETI may find an alien signal tonight”.


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SETI in India

SETI has the programs to reach every person in the world through a computer but it has the links in almost every country where a SETI radar is installed with native supporter volunteers. In India, the SETI radar is installed in Pune.

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Though some scientists do not have full faith in this signal and the reason being the specifications decided to confirm that is an ET(Extra Terrestrial) signal are not completely fulfilled by the Russian radar system but the signal was strong enough that the scientists are drilling inside to find out more on the source and the origin of the signal as sometimes natural phenomenon can also lead to such kind of falsifying signals.

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