Reasons why Batman is the greatest superhero of all time?

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I am Mayank Garg and here in this article of SAIKISITE, I am going to accept the challenge issued by my fellow writer at SAIKISITE, Nikhil Singh Shaurya and write about not just any but the superhero, Batman and will give you the reasons why Batman is the greatest superhero of all time?
A mere mortal who has given many immortals a run for their money. This article is going to be about the reasons why Batman is the greatest superhero of all time in any form of media?

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Greatest Detective Ever


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Anyone who has read any batman comic or has seen his movies knows that Batman is the best detective. You cannot hide anything from him. He has resources and intellect on how to use them. Batman knows everyone who is anyone. No one can keep secrets from Bruce Wayne aka Batman. A scene in particular in “The Dark Knight” where Bruce literally takes out a piece of the wall just to get the fingerprints of the shooter is some real out of the box thinking.

An iconic back story


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That fateful night in the crime alley has become a staple of the Batman’s character. This incident was what pushed the little Bruce over the edge. The back story of any superhero unarguably is an extremely integral part of his folklore. Everyone needs an inspiration and Bruce got his inspiration that night, he just wants to clean up Gotham.

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Anyone can be Batman


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Is he rich? Yes, Is he a genius? Yes, this is some standard stuff that not many can relate to but my point is that just like any of us, Bruce is just a man. No super strength, no aerial ability, no telepathy, just a man and that is one of the reasons why Batman is the greatest superhero of all time. A man hell-bent on achieving his goal and showing fierce determination to get what he wants which we all can do too.

Batman’s unique attitude


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He loves science but he is not funny. Batman doesn’t have the time to be funny, he has the responsibility of an entire city, a multi-billion dollar organization, a protege and the entire Justice League. Bruce locked all his emotions in a dark corner of his heart the day he took up the cowl, he knew that emotions will only act as a hurdle. There have been times when we have seen Batman not being a grim character but instead being a little carefree but only according to the situation because the Batman drops his guard. His rogues gallery is going to have a field day which brings me to my next point.

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Rogues Gallery

A great hero is made by his villains, Batman certainly has some great villains arguably the best in the realm of comics. I mean just look at his villains Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and much more. Each villain depicts one of Batman’s inner demons. Joker showing what Batman could become if he does not control himself, Mr. Freeze personifying his love for his family and Two-Face acting as a mirror to the fight between Batman and his inner demons. So, villains are also the reasons why Batman is the greatest superhero of all time?


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Bat Family

He has the best support cast of any superhero. Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, and of course Alfred. They are not just superhero sidekicks but have a fully fledged personality of their own. The first three Robins have evolved to become different fan favorite superhero themselves, Dick Grayson moved to Bludhaven and became Night wing, Jason Todd returned as the anti-hero Red Hood after the story “A Death In The Family” where the joker beat him to death with a crowbar and Tim Drake while the epic arc of “The Killing Joke” gave batgirl a new name in the form of Oracle.

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After reading this article if anyone still doubts that Batman is the greatest superhero of all time then it is my article’s fault because there is absolutely no reason that any superhero could even stand a chance of being the better hero when put against Batman.


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Remove that cowl and Bruce Wayne is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, martial art expert, best detective, great tactician, fluent in multiple languages and of course he still is Batman.

If you feel that there is some other superhero who is the greatest superhero of all time, then write about it and continue the ‘SAIKISITE Greatest Superhero Challenge‘. If you have any question, then do comment it in the box below. Keep reading SAIKISITE.

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