Why Iron Man (Tony Stark) is the best superhero of all time?

Reasons why Iron Man (Tony Stark) is the best superhero of all time. Tony stark or the Iron man has all the qualities that prove that Iron Man is the best.

All Tony Stark’s Facts and Information

There have been so many superheroes from the days of comics to this date of blockbuster superhero movies but we are often confused which one of them is the best.
So, on this discussion your beloved Nikhil Singh Shaurya is back again with this new article at SAIKISITE to tell you why I think IRON MAN is the best superhero of all time? and it is a challenge from my side for everyone else to write and tell why their favourite superhero is the best?
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Why Iron Man (Tony Stark) is the best superhero of all time?

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IRON MAN is one of us. Iron Man is brilliant, genius technocrat, inventor, billionaire and above all a superhero who fights evil and obviously there are people who are rich, famous, brilliant, inventors etc. so, in a way, he is like one of us. All his powers are the creation of his own brain and he does not have a legacy of powers like the Superman or Thor or more.

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He is not even mutated or bit by a spider or made by some wacky experiments out of some crazy researchers. He is purely a self-made man. What he had was a legacy of an even greater scientist Howard Stark, his father. His father, too, has worked all his life in developing a technology for Army and S.H.I.E.L.D. But unlike his father who has always worked off fields, Tony works in the battles against evil, whether the battle is against humans, science or aliens.
Tony realised that such powers could be very dangerous if it’s in the wrong hands. So, he kept the secrets of all his technology to himself and never gave the formula to anyone, not even to the military. Tony realised this fact after he was kidnapped for the armours and artillery he developed.

Arc reactor of Iron Man


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After his kidnapping incident, Tony was totally dependent on the arc reactor which is nothing but his own self-made, continuous source of energy, after the Tesseract, which is a godly cuboid from Thor’s land. Even when the Cadmium used in the arc reactor started killing Stark, he thought of an entirely new concept of devising the arc reactor and then what he did was the best of all. He made his own, self-made particle collider and his self-made A.I system, Jarvis helped him creating this new element which replaced cadmium and thus its side effects and then comes the existence of a new triangular arc reactor. This arc reactor is the key source of Iron Man’s energy and life as it also prevents the particle of the metals to enter Tony’s body, which can intoxicate his heart and he could die.

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Iron Man is arrogant but he is loving too


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We all have arrogance but that is what makes us human too. Mostly, everyone is arrogant at times but loving and caring at other. In a press conference, Tony Stark himself accepted that he is the Iron Man though every superhero tries to hide this fact. Some people call this his arrogance but he is caring too on the other side because the torments done by the Mandarin on the Afghan children and ladies drove Tony there. Tony is extremely rich and he takes advantage of his richness and smartness, especially when it comes to girls. He is a playboy. But Tony’s love for Pepper Potts is real and forever. She is someone in the whole world which tony can’t live without.

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Tony loves music

When Tony practices his Ironman suit or tries the new prototypes of his suits, he listens to the Black Sabbath and AC/DC. He loves music.

Tony loves science


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Tony’s best friend is HULK because, in the AVENGERS, HULK is the only person who understands science and thus these two people are besties.

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IRON MAN is funny


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Tragedies are the cause which makes heroes and villains but Tony manages to maintain the humour every time. Even among the AVENGERS, he never misses the opportunity to outsmart Captain America or Thor. He is not afraid even to mess with Hulk.

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Call it a lame or a big reason but being a blind lover of IRON MAN, these were some of my perspectives of proving him the best.
If you are also a big fan of Tony Stark then do add more points in the comment box below.
If you have some other favourite superhero then accept my challenge and prove that your superhero is the best.

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