Rio Olympics 2016- Wrestling Incident (Narsingh Yadav)




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It’s very important to talk about this very serious issue related to the world of wrestling in our country. So, here in this article on SAIKISITE, I would like to share my views and points on the whole Rio Olympics episode.

Indian Wrestling Participation Issue (Olympic Games Rio 2016)

The deadline of July 16th has rolled over and India’s RUN FOR RIO has been granted with a sarcastic setback even before the bouts took place! It seems truly archaic how on one hand we all raised to a toast to a reel life wrestler named, Sultan in the same temporal bounty when we all turned our eyes down over a real life wrestler of world cadre.

The Incident


It all started as the Olympic committee struck off a 66 kg tier from.the Rio Olympics and thus forcing a two-time Olympic Medallist to raise his bar to 74 kg weight category which coincidentally happened to be the same aura of a promising young talent, Narsingh Yadav. After a long drag over the same, none of them have actually been deported to De Janerio losing a clear-cut opportunity for India‘s confirmed Olympic medal !

Sushil’s Perspective

From Tendulkar to Kohli, from Ronaldo to Messi, all great talents of the sporting world come with a well-deserved pride which people mark up as arrogance: often overlooking the sweat and sleepless night spent behind the golden frame but alas! a mud moulded game with a less magnanimous publicity deprived Sushil of the same and thus creating a potential doubt over his capacity to bag another medal and sarcastically hit by injury during the Olympics qualifiers he still recovered and dedicated to staunch years of his life mastering the Greek-Roman technicalities probably led by a lead sky that in India a sportsperson still needs to appear for team selection no matter he has earned two Olympic medals to his name .

Narsingh Yadav’s perspective


A young talent from Hisar who was limitedly populous amidst the wrestling fans of the world has stolen the headlines of each n every top newspaper, unfortunately, for a darker cause, failing the dope test . The lad was synonymous for practice and labour as he himself earned a ticket to Rio winning the World Wrestling Championships in 74 kg weight category but unfortunately he was unaware that he’ll have to fight outside the ring before he actually steps in the arena of Latin America. First judicial resistance and next an alleged disruption over dope failure, the star of darker nights has been eclipsed by the bane of barren despair .

Damage control

Lately, the NADA has intervened in the matter and after much sabotage, the sun has finally raised to its glory as Narsingh has been granted a token of hope in the form of a clean chit allowing his participation in the Rio Olympics. Now standing against all the odds can this man turn the tides and silence the world by his sheer tackling force at the threshold of Rio? or would he succumb to the unfeasible pressure dominions? The answer lies only within the treasure of time.

Loss of sports


The above mania mandatorily arises the need of a silent introspection as to what exactly is the root cause of such a chaotic depression in the bosom of Indian sporting world? where reaching a triple digit of medal tally in Gold medals is a stroll in the park for nations like the USA, China , Russia the densest populous economy of the world struggles to crawl a double digit in its gross tally. It’s an amalgamating produce of the shallow expenditure on human capital development and no wonders if I say that all this is credited to a fragmented and egotistical hierarchy of bureaucratic as a result of which dividend wrestling federation failed to unanimously reach a decision and by the time the judiciary intervened it was all too late.
As responsible citizens, it is our moral obligation to understand and initiate a thrust of realisation and remuneration as we, the citizens constitute the constitution of the world’s greatest republic. As the Olympics is not the responsibility of a handful knights but an army of the entity who wholesomely share its sufferance n pride. So let’s identify the real along with reel heroes and stand by them in their high and lows.

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