Second Month Journey of SAIKISITE- For all the budding Bloggers


Hello, people! So, on the 24th of August 2016, SAIKISITE successfully completed its second month. It’s all your support and love because of which we have been able to achieve this success.

Blog Journey of SAIKISITE

Now, I have lots of things to tell you about this second-month journey. A lot has happened. In my last ‘One month Journey’ article, (which you can read by clicking here) I’ve discussed how we started? in details. I mentioned in that article as well that sharing each month’s journey of SAIKISITE will definitely help all the budding bloggers and all those who are planning to have their own blog or website. There are many new things that you learn through blogging almost every day, many new things that take place, many new problems that occur almost every day and a lot more.

Blogging is fun and most of the people do it because it’s their hobby but if you want to be a professional Blogger and want to be totally dependent on it then you have to put your hard-work in fifth gear. Patience is also one of the key factors for a budding blogger because it may take time for you to get successful but you just need to keep on going.

So, here in this article of SAIKISITE, I am going to share, all the important events that have taken place in the second month of SAIKISITE.

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1. Great Fall in the Alexa Rank

The most amazing thing that happened with SAIKISITE in the second month is the great fall in it’s Alexa Rank (both globally and in India). Alexa rank is the rank or the position given to a particular website with respect to the other websites all over the world.
In my last ‘One month journey’ article, I shared with you all that we got our Alexa Rank on 28th of August 2016.  From that day till now, there has been a great fall in the Alexa Rank of SAIKISITE. The following picture shows the fall in the Alexa Rank of SAIKISITE . At present, that is on 25th August 2016, the Global Alexa Rank of SAIKISITE is 613, 425 and in India, it’s 25,085.



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2. Many New Bloggers


When I and Vishal started this blog website on 24th of June 2016, we were the only two people blogging and we started it on Google’s But from the very first day and in our very first plan, it was clear that this blog website will give all the young budding bloggers or writers, a chance and a platform to publish their articles and to share their knowledge and information with the people all over the world. So, in the second month of SAIKISITE, we received many calls from people who wanted to write and we also talked to many and told them about SAIKISITE. Finally, after the end of the second month of SAIKISITE, we have a team of many young, talented, brilliant writers who are writing and publishing their articles for SAIKISITE. Even now, we get calls, texts, and emails from the people who want to join the SAIKISITE team as a blogger. We really appreciate it and we would love to add more and more people in the team.

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3. SAIKISITE on Facebook

I told in my last ‘One month journey’ article that we started publishing and posting our posts on Facebook and we were working every day to increase likes on our Facebook Page that too all organic likes. We posted and shared all our articles on Facebook and this  increased our Facebook likes day by day and at present, we have 409 organic likes on or Facebook page. Like our page on Facebook, if you haven’t to read all the articles by clicking here.

4. Our Categories and posts

All the posts of SAIKISITE are different from each other. In this second month of SAIKISITE, we worked a lot on the categories and even asked our blogger team to write on different topics. We also included a new category in this month, ‘Motivational Articles’. We did this because we know (as a blogger) that motivation plays an important role for every budding blogger and when you feel low in your life and you don’t feel confident about your work then you need something that can motivate you. Motivation can be in any form. So, we included this category also to help all the budding Bloggers.

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5. SEO Plugins


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In the second month of SAIKISITE, we also started using Yoast SEO Plugin in the WordPress. Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins and it offers you many options. Before posting any article, it will give you many options such as Meta descriptions, Focus Keywords, Meta Keywords etc. and it will also tell you about your posts readability and SEO work as ‘Ok’ ‘Good’ or Needs improvement’. So, we started using the Yoast SEO plugin and we would recommend every budding Blogger to do the same.


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6. Themes of SAIKISITE


There have been many changes in the themes and templates of SAIKISITE in the second-month journey. The main reason behind the changes was that we wanted to try and test many themes and we were interested to see that how different themes work on SAIKISITE and I feel it is important for all the budding bloggers and for all the people who are new in this blogging world that you must try and test themes on your blog and understand the difference between them because it teaches you a lot. Right now, the theme for SAIKISITE is  MH Edition lite WordPress Theme by MH Themes.

7. Adsense Approval

On 22nd August 2016, we received a mail from the Google Adsense Team that it has successfully reviewed our application for AdSense for SAIKISITE. This was also an important development in this second month of SAIKISITE.

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So, this was about all the important events that took place in the second month of SAIKISITE. Overall, I would say that our blog is on the development track and its readers and followers are the reason because of which SAIKISITE has been able to achieve so much in its second month.
If you have any query then do comment in the box below. Keep reading SAIKISITE.

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  1. Congrats to both of you and all the bloggers, whom you people have added.I had been a consistent follower of SAIKISITE. The site has really given a lot of information. The last two months journey has been really wonderful and may encourage much more. I wish all the best to the team. May god bless you and give strength to deliver maximum out of you.