Sneak peek into the Game of life (Story of 3 Ambanis)

Look deep into the game of life and the reality that is there in the present world considering the story of 3 Ambanis.VIP Culture in India.The life Lessons.

VIP Culture

Getting into a college isn’t a big deal in India. But choosing the right one certainly is. For some colleges, you just sit for the exam, you clear it and you enter it. But in a majority, there is one more tempting gateway though that’s not meant for just anyone. If you are blessed to be Ambani’s competitor or if you are some minister’s nephew, consider yourself in too. But they say NEVER look a gift horse in the mouth. Well, don’t think that I am freaking out. I am an experienced girl now. Just a few days back got into an engineering college after waiting for 5 long and tiring rounds of counselling. Not a big deal, though. We the middle class ‘Janta’ (people) are habitual of waiting. Be it outside the doctor’s cabin when some VIP patient is being treated to long traffic jams when some VIP SUV is crossing the road.

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Coming back to the point, here starts the much-hyped college life loaded with adjustments and sacrifices.
We all have fascinations for something or the other in life. And college is the time when you take your fascination to a whole new level. I did the same. Though not exactly the same.

Three types of Ambanis


Well, I am a big fan of Ambanis, the biggest business tycoons of India. So much that I can divide the whole human lot into the category of three famous and not so famous Ambanis.
1)      Dheerubhais
2)      Mukesh Ambanis
3)      Anil Ambanis
Let me explain. I basically judged the students (which I shouldn’t have) and threw them in these three categories.


They are the one with no ‘Ameer Baap’ (rich dad) struggling to survive but carrying dreams bigger than their bag. For them when going gets tough, tough gets going. You will find them mostly on first benches wearing a same rugged out T for consecutive 3 days and trying to answer the questions seconds after it comes out of teacher’s throat.

Mukesh Ambanis

They are the one with a ‘Raees’ background (rich background) and they are keeping their legacies too, becoming richer day by day, trying to beat their own Dad in the game. Learning new things and trying to be a part of each and everything in their hand. Well, when in Rome, they do as the Romans.

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Anil Ambanis

They are the spoilt lads. ‘Ameer Baap ki Aulad’ (son of a rich dad). But they are happy being one rather than thinking about their kids to be called the same too. They are making most out of their life, enjoying their present and taking full advantage of being born among rich.

The Rajus

I missed one category, the ‘Rajus’. Have you heard about him? NO? I expected the same. Not your fault. Neither do they have a famous and rich background nor they themselves are famous for anything except their carefree attitude. But the best part is that they don’t give a damn about it. They are happy being the way they are. They are in the real sense, the carefree soul.
Now are you thinking or you must have already decided which one are/were you?
But my friend, guess what they say, never ever talk about background. Concentrate on the main character. But the biggest irony of life is that background itself speaks a lot. If it can make one a Hrithik Roshan, it can also make another Abhishek Bachchan or Uday Chopra. But then I think about Kangana Ranaut. Just as they say fortune favours the bold. Right?
But again if after his father’s death this background thing can take one ‘Pappu’ to the legislative assembly, it can make another ‘Pappu’ a chaiwala (tea seller). Am I the only one who is confused at this point about life?
This is the situation which everyone comes across once you enter the real world, leaving that comfort zone behind. For many of us, life is a race, you push others and make your way. And for some others, it is a journey and travelling alone will only lead to a tedious experience. So basically the same situation, but different people, different minds, a different approach and hence the different outcomes. For one too many cooks spoil the broth while for some other the same number of hands can make work lighter. No one can judge you better than you yourself. Whatever it is just put your best foot forward. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. So I am leaving you here to ponder about your own life.
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  1. awesome article ever i have read on life
    it defines the true condition of general people……and tells us about the reality

    • Of course Sir, this is one of the main reason when we have to wait outside doctor’s cabin. But in this article I am talking about one another reason. I am talking about the time when a VIP patient visits the doctor and he is treated before anyone who has taken a prior appointment.