Some Amazing WhatsApp Tricks And Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know About.


WhatsApp Tricks And Secrets

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One of the world’s most famous applications for chatting is WhatsApp. It tops the list with around 1 billion active monthly users. That is a huge number. This application is mainly famous in the Asian countries. The study of Indo-Asian News Service revealed on May 16, 2016, that there are around 70 million users of WhatsApp alone in India. It also revealed that WhatsApp Users are spread in around 109 countries (Source- NDTV). The unique thing about WhatsApp is that it has no advertisement and  because of that the speed of sending and receiving the texts or any media file is very fast. Even if you are using a slow internet connection, you’ll be able to send and receive message easily on WhatsApp.
So now, here in this article on SAIKISITE, I’m going to share with you all some of the very unique and interesting features or tricks related to WhatsApp. You probably didn’t know about these.

So let’s look at some of the interesting unknown tricks of WhatsApp:


1. WhatsApp Tricks: Save your Data Usage


When you are using the WhatsApp on your mobile data then you definitely don’t want that all the received media files like images or videos to be downloaded automatically because it eats a good amount of your data. There is a simple trick hidden in your WhatsApp settings to save your mobile data.
Just open the WhatsApp Settings > Data Usage. Tap the Media Auto-Download option and then you’ll see three options containing options of images, video, audio and documents. These options are ‘When using mobile data‘, ‘When connected to Wi-Fi‘ and ‘When roaming‘.  Un-tick all the options and press Accept or Save.

2. WhatsApp Tricks: Don’t want the blue ticks on the messages I send

Yes, you can do this and that too very easily. So, blue ticks are basically for indicating that the person to whom you have sent the texts has read your message. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that blue ticks created trouble in life and sometimes it may cause (god forbid) break-ups ! So, there is a simple trick for not having a blue tick on the messages you send.
Go to the Settings > Account then tap Privacy and there you will find an option of ‘Read Receipts‘, just uncheck that option and your problem is solved.

3. WhatsApp Tricks: Want to check the delivery and the read timings of the messages I send


There are a lot of times when you have sent a message to someone and you feel that the person is not replying you back even after looking at your texts but you are not very sure when? So, here is a simple trick to know the delivery and the read timing of the messages you’ve texted.
Press the message about which you want to get the information and hold it for long. You’ll the get an option like an i in a circle and that symbol is known as the Info. tap that and you’ll get the exact timing information of Read and Delivered.

4. WhatsApp Trick:  I want to change my WhatsApp number without losing any information.

You can easily do that. Just go to the Settings then tap Account and then tap Change My number. WhatsApp will ask for your old number and your new number (as shown below) and after a small verification step, your number will be changed. It’ll also be changed on every group of yours on WhatsApp.


5. Whatsapp Tricks: I don’t want to use much data on WhatsApp Calls



WhatsApp calling is one of the most amazing features added on WhatsApp but it sometimes takes a lot of data. If you don’t want to lower the amount of data used during Whatsapp calling then just Go to Settings > Chats and calls (Android) and switch on the Low data usage option there. iPhone users can also do it by going to Settings > Data Usage.

6. WhatsApp Tricks: I want to read the messages but I don’t want to go Online

Sometimes you just want to read any message but you don’t want that your ‘last seen’ to change. Here is a simple trick for that. The moment you receive the message put your phone on the Airplane Mode then go to the WhatsApp and read that message. That’s it. You’ll be able to read the message also and your last seen won’t change as well. After that, switch on the mobile data or Wifi whenever you want.

7. WhatsApp Tricks: I want to use Whatsapp on my Computer (PC)


For this feature, you need to have the internet connection in both your mobile phone and your PC. Go to the and in your phone also tap the ‘WhatsApp Web‘ option. You’ll get a QR Code on both your mobile phone and the PC. Scan the code using your mobile camera and that’s it. You can run the WhatsApp on your PC. You can read about it in details by clicking here.


8. WhatsApp Tricks: I want to change or custom the notification tone for calls and messages


You can customise the tone for the WhatsApp calls or messages for any contact in your list and assign a different tone or even lights for that contact. You can do this by selecting the contact first, tapping the Contact’s info and then tapping the ‘Custom Notifications‘ option. You’ll see the options for both the messages and the call notification. Change the options by selecting tones or lights (for androids) for the contact selected.


9. WhatsApp Tricks: Is there any Fun trick to prank my friends?

Yes, there is one trick you can use to prank your friend through WhatsApp. For this prank, you need to open your WhatsApp account on the computer on Then tap on the name of the friend with whom you want to play this prank with. Now opening your friend’s messages press Ctrl+Shift+J keys. You’ll find a new blank console. Copy the code written below and paste it in the console and then press enter and see the magic.
Note: Since it should just be done for a fun purpose so always remember to put the count as low as possible (as shown below).


10. WhatsApp Tricks: Can I send my text in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough text format?


Yes, you can definitely do that by following ways:

• If you want to send your text in Bold text format then start the word with a * and also end that word with a *, for example, *Friends*
• If you want to send your text in Italics text format then start it with an Underscore _ and also end it with that, for example, _boy_
• If you want it to be in Strikethrough text format, start the word with ~ and also end it with that, for example, ~girl~ 


11. WhatsApp Tricks: Some other useful Tricks and Tips

There are many other important WhatsApp tricks and Tips that you can follow while using this famous Apps. Some of them have been discussed below:

• Changing the chat background wallpaper: Go to the Settings > Chat Settings > Wallpaper > Select the wallpaper from your phone Gallery.
• Mute the group: Open the group, pen the group Info, Select Mute group option, Select the time for which you want to mute the group.
 Hide your Last Seen, Profile Picture, Status: Go to the Settings > Account > Privacy > Hide the Last Seen, Profile Picture or the Status either by selecting them for your contact or Nobody.
• Send Conversations to your Email: Tap any contact for a long time, Select Email conversation from the pop-up menu and send it to your email account.
• Send a big Red Heart: If you’ll send one Red heart emoji to anyone on WhatsApp, they’ll receive it as a big Red Heart.
So these are some Amazing WhatsApp Tricks that you can use when you are using this wonderful Application of chatting. If you have something else to add or to share with us then do comment below in the comment box. Keep reading SAIKISITE for many more awesome articles. Also, we are working on another cool WhatsApp tricks and secrets article which will be posted soon so, keep reading SAIKISITE.
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