Some Cool and Useful Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About


Some Cool Useful Internet Tricks


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The internet is a magic place. There is nothing in this world which is not on the internet. With the help of the internet, the world has become very small. Whatever you need in life is on the internet. Every minute, millions of people around the world are working on the internet. There must be a lot of times when you accidently did something that you never wanted to do on the internet and you don’t know the trick or way to solve it or perhaps you don’t know many hidden useful tricks of the Internet.


So this article on SAIKISITE will tell you about some of the amazing tricks and tips related to the internet.

So let’s start with these cool tricks:

1. Internet Tricks: To open the closed Tab


There must have been this issue with everyone that you wanted to work on or reopen the tab that you just closed accidently but you can’t. So you just need to Press “Ctrl+Shift+T” to reopen the last closed Tab.

2. Internet Tricks: To play a video or Mp3 saved in your system directly on the Browser


This is a very cool trick. If you want to play any video or any media file directly on your browser you can do that by simply selecting and dragging that file from your system source to the new tab address bar of your browser. You can perform this on Chrome/Mozilla/Firefox browsers.

3. Internet Tricks: YouTube Tricks


If you want to pause your YouTube video just Press K and if you want to forward the video exactly by 10 seconds just Press L and similarly if you want to reverse the video by exactly 10 seconds then just Press J.
You can also play a ‘Snake Game‘ while your video is still buffering due to the slow internet speed by just pressing the Up Key.

4. Internet Tricks: To Create GIFs out of any YouTube video


This is perhaps one of the most useful and interesting tricks on the internet. You can create GIFs out of any YouTube video and can edit it as well. You just need to add ‘gif ‘ after ‘www.’ and before ‘youtube’ in the URL address of the video. It will take you to ‘‘, where you can create GIFs from the YouTube video and even edit it like by adding effects etc..

5. Internet Tricks: Google Fun activities

There are many interesting things that our very own Google can do.

Some of them are:

 Do a barrel roll: Just type ‘do a barrel roll’ in the search box of Google and enjoy an amazing performance of a barrel roll by the Google.
• Atari Breakout: After Typing in the search box ‘Atari Breakout’ click on the Image search option and enjoy a fun game of Atari by Google.
• Google Sky: Just type ‘’ and press enter, you will then explore the universe and will get an amazing view of the sky.
• Google Retro Look: Type in the search box, ‘Google in 1998’, you’ll see the retro look of Google.
• Google Timer: Just type ‘Google timer’ in the search box and you will get a stopwatch and a timer from Google.


6. Internet Tricks: Some amazing Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts that you can use on the internet to make your work easier.

Some of them are listed below:

• Ctrl+Shift+N: By pressing this, you can open the incognito mode directly.
• Ctrl+Enter: Just after typing the domain name in the address bar, press Ctrl+Enter, and the ‘www.’ and the ‘.com’ will be added to it and your website will get open.
• Ctrl+R: By pressing this, you can select the link in the address bar.
 Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Press this, to shift among the Tabs that you’ve opened.

7. Internet Tricks: Bacon number


Bacon’s number or the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game through which you can see that how closely you can relate any actor with the actor and musician Kevin Bacon. Just type any actor’s name in the Google search box and after that type ‘bacon number’, for example, ‘Leonardo Dicaprio bacon number‘, you will see how Leonardo is related to Kevin Bacon. It’s really interesting.

8. Internet Tricks: To Use your Internet browser as a notepad


If you want to use your Chrome or Firefox browser as a notepad, then just copy and paste the text given below in the address bar:

9. Internet Tricks: Online discount Coupons


If you are into online shopping and you love to order your stuff online, always visit before ordering anything to get some really good coupons or discount offers on products.

10. Internet Tricks: To Pin/Mute the Tab


By right-clicking on the Tab, you can select the Pin Tab option from the drop-down menu so that you cannot close your tab by mistake. You can also Mute the Tab from that drop-down menu to mute any media file on the web page of that Tab.
So these are some amazing and useful Internet Tricks for you all. If you have something new to tell or if you have any suggestion, the please comment below in the box. Share these cool useful internet tricks among your friends. Keep reading SAIKISITE blog.
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