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Interesting facts About Samsung

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We talk and share a lot of Facts about different topics on SAIKISITE. You can read about other facts by clicking here. So here in this article on SAIKISITE, I’m going to share with you all some very interesting facts about one of the world’s leading companies, SAMSUNG. When we hear the name of Samsung, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mobile phone of Samsung or television but apart from all these things, there are some really great and interesting facts about this multinational company. In this article, I’m going to share with you all some facts about Samsung that you probably didn’t know about. Since a large number of people are using Samsung products all over the world, so to know about some interesting facts about it is very exciting.

So, let’s see some of the interesting facts about Samsung:

1. Samsung’s evolution


The company Samsung was founded on 1st March 1938 by a South Korean businessman Lee Byung-chul. At that time, it was a noodle and groceries selling company. Then they added insurance, retails and securities and in the year 1970, Samsung created its first Black and White Television and in the year 1983 its first Computer. In 2011, Samsung became the largest smartphones manufacturing company. At present, the total revenue of Samsung is around 305 billion USD and it is made up of 80 different businesses.

2. Samsung’s Logo Evolution

There has been a great evolution in the logo of this company. The logo has been changed accordingly with the time. The change in the logo of this company has been shown below:

3. Apple and Samsung


Samsung manufactures a majority of the CPU chips for the iPhones of Apple. The smartphone market share of Apple is around 17% and of Samsung is around 23% in the world. In 2015, Samsung shipped around 325 million units of smartphones while Apple managed to ship around 232 million units. Where Samsung spent around $14 billion USD for research and development purpose, Apple spent roughly around $6 billion USD and Google around $9.8 billion USD.

4.  Samsung and Burj Khalifa


As already stated above that Samsung is made up of around 80 businesses, so this company is also behind the construction of the world’s tallest Skyscraper,  Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It has also constructed some other tall buildings and towers

5. Samsung’s other businesses

This multinational company is behind many other projects such as the building of ships, construction of Cranes, making of flying jets, helicopters, tanks etc.. It has also constructed a robotic machine gun and it is behind the development of South Korea’s largest theme park. It is also in the trading and investment business and also in IT services.

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6. Samsung’s Quality Concerns

Samsung gives a lot of importance to its quality and services. Talking about the quality, this giant company manufactures around 90% of their products in their own factories. There is this story that in 1995, the Chairman of the Company Lee Kun Hee was not at all satisfied with the quality of the products so he called around 2000 employees and destructed around 150,000 phones and fax machines in front of all the employees to make them realise that how much the quality is important for the company.

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7. Samsung’s business numbers


Samsung has around 370,000 employees all over the world. It accounts for around 17% of the total GDP of South Korea. Its total revenue for the year 2014 was 305 billion USD. In 2012, it spent around 4 billion USD on advertising and around 5 billion USD in marketing. in 2011, its net sale was around 247 billion USD. There are around 145 products of smartphones on Samsung’s website and for Apple, it’s just around 5 phones.

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8. Samsung’s interesting numbers

It is said that every minute around 100 televisions of Samsung are being sold around the world. One out of every three phones around the world is said to be of Samsung. There are around 33 R&D centers of Samsung all over the world.  It is the 8th largest company in the world on the Forbes list and 4th in the USA.

9. The Name : SAMSUNG


Samsung is derived from two Korean words, ‘Sam‘ that means ‘Three‘ and ‘Sung‘ that means ‘Stars‘, so it means ‘Three Stars‘ because the Founder of the company wanted to see this company as a big and powerful company just  like a star.

10. Samsung’s Medical Contribution


Samsung donates around 100 million USD every year to its non-profit medical center and it has around 1200 doctors and around 2300 nurses.

So these are some amazing and interesting facts about this big, giant multinational company, SAMSUNG. If you have something more to share then do comment below in the comment box. Keep reading SAIKISITE for many more awesome articles.

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