Some most horrific animal cruelty cases in India: Save animals


Are we human beings turning into worst animals?

Before calling ourselves human beings, we need to ask ourselves whether our actions let us qualify for being humans?

Let us look at some of the most horrific incidents with animals

Dog was thrown from a roof


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A horrific video of a man throwing a dog from a roof was widely shared on Facebook, WhatsApp etc., generating an outcry of disgust and horror.
Look at what this filthy and miserable excuse of a human being does to the poor doggy that keeps wagging her tail until the last moment. She trusted this criminal even when his dirty mind was planning the worst for her. The dog’s hind leg was broken but was saved by God’s grace.

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Killing of Puppies


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When our own child gets hurt by someone else’s fault, we all start shouting and screaming and go gaga about it but what about animals? They also love their child as much as we do.
Ponnamma, the wife of an ex-honorary flight lieutenant, had mercilessly killed eight, 15-days-old puppies to teach their mother a lesson. Ponnamma was sentenced to jail after committing this heinous crime but was later released on bail.

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A PETA spokesperson said: “One way of reducing animal cruelty is to increase the penal provision in The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. It is a toothless law. Anyone committing a crime can get away by paying a maximum fine of just ₹ 50“.
This entire incident just goes on to show how low we’ve fallen. Dog or human – a mother is still always a mother – and to watch her babies get killed in front of her eyes must’ve been too hard to bear.
And now, just months after watching her puppies die, Ammu also died, due to Canine distemper caused by depression and mental trauma.

Burning of Dogs


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In yet another dastardly attack on dogs, five minor boys have been sent for counseling by police after they burnt three stray dog puppies alive in Pathanwadi area of Musheerab.
Think of a slight burn we get while cooking , lightening or something. It pains a lot! So what would it be like to be burnt alive? We can’t even imagine how painful it would be? What about these little puppies? What was their fault? Or we should just say they have to pay the for some psychopath’s entertainment.

“Man is by nature a social animal”

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Killing of monkey by throwing acid


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What happened to this monkey is a proof that humans are the worst animals. You know why was this monkey attacked? Because forest department was not responding to the complaints by few residents of Bhandup who were demanding the relocation of a group of monkeys because the problem was increasing, this was not entertained. So, one of them decided to solve the monkey problem himself by throwing acid on this animal.

These problems take time to evolve, so obviously, it’ll take time to solve, but our “Mankind” wants overnight changes‬.

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Show some love to them

These are just 4 out of the thousand cases which take place every day. YouTube is filled with videos about cruelty on animals. Why?
Just think of one thing, ever seen a dog come and bite you for no reason while you were just walking? No!
But we always hit them by a stone or pebbles for no reason but fun, is this we call an entertainment? Some of us have pets, we feed them, play with them and enjoy. But once they grow old, we leave them wandering on the street. Friends, just think that when we buy a car or a bike, after 10-15 years, we hesitate from selling it even if it’s not in a good state, saying that we have developed an attachment to it. We say this to a machine but what about that animal who has served and loved you unconditionally? You have no attachment to a living thing. If we have no attachment, it’s totally fine, but at least we can show some humanity, the thing that makes us different from them.

Save Dogs


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Dogs are important in our eco-system. They keep the rat population under check and keep them below the ground. There was an incident in Surat where they wiped out the entire street dog population and there was an outbreak of leptospirosis. They also scavenge on dead and decaying animals which are very important in keeping the environment disease/virus free. If the dogs are wiped out, there will an imbalance in the eco-system. In fact, we might face new issues.
We will have problems with street dogs if garbage is not disposed properly. All the garbage bins should be made dog proof. Every street, community, apartment complexes, schools, corporate offices, factories and industries should come forward and adopt street dogs. They can be sterilized and vaccinated. Remember it’s our duty being an Indian Citizen to feed and treat stray dogs according to our constitution.
Dogs which are aggressive and have a history of biting people should be immediately moved to the shelter or a rehabilitation centre where the dog is assessed by a vet or a canine behaviorist.

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Animal Welfare Activists

There are many dog lovers, independent animal welfare activists all over India who could help out in spreading the awareness. There are so many ways to avoid a conflict or a bite. People should be open-minded. Animal activists are not against human beings or it’s not like they don’t feel bad or alarmed if someone is killed by a street dog. It is extremely tragic. All they want is a solution where both the humans and the dogs can co-exist. It is definitely possible.

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Few of the animal welfare activists from Chennai are ready to come and try their best to help out in Kerala. They are ready to have an open discussion with the people and government to find ways to sort the issue. Remember, dogs are man’s best friends and they have been loyal to us for centuries. There have been so many stories where dogs, especially street dogs have changed and touched the lives of so many humans for good. Please don’t wipe them out. I’m sure you will regret this later.

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  1. I support the article, but I request to author to promote vegitarian because it’s also part of cruality against animals.