Some unknown and fun facts about the Indian YouTuber: Carryminati


Carryminati: Future of Indian YouTube

“To kaise hain aap log?”
Nowadays, whenever you hear this statement only one person comes in your mind that is AJEY NAGAR or popularly known as CARRYMINATI. He is one of the fastest growing YouTubers of India. One of the most talented person along with phenomenal acne and born gameplay commentary artist.

Carryminati : A Perfect Combination of Talent and Hard work

A local boy from Faridabad, who is only 17 years old has done his schooling from DPS, Faridabad. He has set a perfect example by making us realize that if you have talent and you are doing hard work in the right direction then that will definitely help you to achieve what you want in your life and he constantly did that.

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Carryminati : Other YouTube channels

• He started his first channel in 2010 named ADDICTED A1, which was not very successful in which he used to give review about gameplay and football tricks
• After that, he started his second YouTube channel in 2014 named as CARRYDEOL, after which he got the taste of success

Comparison Between ‘BB Ki Vines’ And Carryminati

Everybody has their different views and taste. Some of us like ‘BB Ki Vines’ and some of us like Carryminati, but according to me, it will be unequal to compare both of them because both of them are best in their respective categories.

Ajey, in his Instagram video, posted “Finally made our ‘teri meri kahani‘ cover. With @rofl_delhite @hawaai_chappal @hawashmi Date done with @bhuvan.bam22″, so we are hoping a collaboration of BB Ki Vines and CarryMinati soon. It will be interesting to see a video of BB and Carryminati together.

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‘BB Ki Roast’ By Carryminati And Tag Issue



Carryminati made a roast of ‘BB ki vines’ in which he made fun of BB’s videos by saying that there is no tag option in YouTube. BB noticed that thing and removed the tag option from his YouTube videos. 

Carryminati Controversy: 3 Strikes on his Channel 

On 9th of August 2016, Ajey uploaded a video, “The Kissing Insanity” which was the video of a YouTube channel named ‘Baap of Backchod’. Just after uploading the video, he got a strike from ‘Baap of Backchod’ for copyright issues and this was the third strike on his channel which means “Carryminati” could have been banned from YouTube in just seven days.

Carry asked his fans for help and his loyal fans spammed the comment section of ‘Baap of Bakchod’ with the name of Carryminati . The other two strikes were from an artist “Bhim Niroula” for defaming him on 30th of July.

After 2 days of the third strike, he contacted his friend who wrote an official email to Bhim Niroula .Then he took back both of his strikes for some unknown reason and Ajey was able to continue his channel thereafter.

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Story Behind the Change Of Name From Carrydeol To Carryminati



When Carry used to play counter strike he used to troll Sunny Deol and make people laugh and that’s why he kept his channel name as Carrydeol but after sometimes he realized that the name is not going with the content of the channel and then he renamed his channel as Carryminati because it sounds cool.

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Success Report And Progress

He got about 50,000 subscribers in just a month and in August, the number of subscribers popped up to 1,00,000 and by this date, he is having about 2,58,000 subscribers and this shows that people are loving his work. He is the fastest growing Indian YouTuber .We hope that he continues the good work.


I, myself as a writer is a big fan of Carryminati and I hope in future, he’ll leave ‘PewDiePie‘ behind and will become one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

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