Some Unknown Fun Facts About Friends


Friends: A revolution

You remember Friends, right? Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross,Gunther and that monkey? Central Perk? “We were on a break”? “How you doing?” “Could I beeee more any sorry” “Smelly Cat”. The show that feels, in its way, as iconic a relic of the 1990s as Nirvana, Pulp Fiction, and a two-term Clinton presidency or even more iconic.
Friends was not only born of that era but may in hindsight embody it more completely than any other TV show. Sexier than Cheerleaders, Friends existed at the sweet spot of public mass entertainment. If you were alive in the 1990s, you already understand this. In fact, if you were in, or near, your 20s  back then and ever found yourself seated in a central perk named coffee shop with a bunch of your own friends, you might have had the conversation: Which ‘Friend’ are you?
But there are many things you might not know about FRIENDS. If you don’t then Don’t you worry. Here, in this article of SAIKISITE, I am going to share some astonishing Friendly Facts.

Fun Friends Facts

1.The Show was originally named as “Insomnia Cafe” but was later changed to “Friends” by Kevin.S.Bright.
2. Originally, the show was focused on the 4 characters Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica. Phoebe and Chandler were supposed to be supporting actors.
3. Joey wasn’t supposed to portray the dumb character. Matt LeBlanc improvised the character of Joey.
4.When Lisa Kudrow first read the script she thought Chandler was gay.
5. Jenifer Aniston is the actual Godmother of Courtney Cox’s daughter.
6. Courtney Cox is the only actor among 6 actors who didn’t win Emmy Awards for Friends.
7. The Character Dr.Drake Raymoray of TV series “Days of our lives” which was played by Joey in Friends was actually played by Jenifer Aniston’s father John Aniston.
8. The background Laughs we hear on the show was actually recorded in the 1940s. So technically we hear dead people laughing.
9. Matt LeBlanc had only $10 in his account when he signed the script for Friends.
10. Hank Azaria rejected twice the role of Joey and lately plays phoebe’s scientist boyfriend which quite ironic.
11. Bruce Willis appeared on the show for free after losing a bet to Mathew Perry.
12. The real reunion isn’t happening ever.

Do you have some more?

So, these were some of the facts related to this famous TV series, Friends. ‘Friends‘ is one such TV series that’ll always be in our hearts. it has taught us many beautiful things and it’s one of those TV series that stays with you forever. All the characters of ‘Friends’ are beautifully written and we can relate to each and every one of them very well.
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