How to start genesis on Mars? Some interesting facts related to Mars


Genesis on Mars

Earth is the only life-supporting planet in our solar system as far as we know.
And we are continuously thriving to make MARS our new home.
We are sending rockets and rovers to find water on its surface.
Rovers have confirmed the presence of essential life-sustaining elements on MARS surface along with water and now the quest is to send people to it and set up a station there.

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Mars: Challenges

But there are a lot of challenges and the biggest challenge is the risk of losing the astronaut sent, due to the hostility of MARS.
No Oxygen in the atmosphere, no agriculture-suiting lands, very little knowledge about MARS and many things akin to these, which contradict with our desire of making it a habitable place.

However, our earth too, initially, didn’t have the oxidizing atmosphere as it has today.
How earth transformed from a reducing atmosphere to oxidizing and how the barren earth surface got green plants and trees is a long scientific tell-tale and is beautifully described in “A.I operation theory” and was later proved by “Stanley and Miller’s experiment” which proved how the genesis of life occurred on planet earth?
That charismatic force responsible for life on earth, as we all accept was nature.

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And thus, life started to bubble, first ones being the simple microbes who could live in anaerobic conditions and produce oxygen.
Subsequently, these creatures made the whole environment oxidizing and thus new kinds of aerobic creatures could thrive and ultimately the arrival of human race, having the gift of intelligence, traced their way back to the evolutionary stages and now are exploring other planets and other worlds.

Mars: Solution

So I guess the smartest start for us to make MARS a habitable place is to send a rocket full of anaerobic bacteria on its surface and let them thrive on its surface, let them flourish and enrich the planet with biomolecules, the molecules which make life viable.

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And by the time we will be able to send people to MARS, we would be having a life already thriving there. The long time nature took to create life selecting each and every chemicals and arrangement and all the bonds and everything can be done very easily by us.
Human intelligence can kick start the genesis, the evolution on the red planet’s surface.

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This is entirely my vision of creating life on MARS.
In the next part, I’ll write on who are nominee anaerobic bacteria who would be the best to send on the red planet.

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