Superhero Relationships

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Superheroes and their famous partners

Hey guys, in this article I’m gonna talk about the famous women behind renowned superheroes. We all know that behind every successful man there is a strong and supporting woman. Well the same applies to our beloved superheroes. Almost every well known has had a woman to support him in his ventures, almost.. (*cough*Batman*cough*). Still, these ladies are worth taking a note of. While some possess powers of their own others are just mere mortals but in more than one ways they play a huge part in these superheroes’ lives.

Let’s take a look at some of these notable women:

1- Lois Lane

Partner- Superman/ Clark Kent/ Kal-El

The adventurous reporter of Daily Planet is a co-worker of Clark Kent. The civilian alter ego of the Man of Steel. The fiery brunette is a Pulitzer Award winner and has ventured into dangerous regions for that perfect article. She has been a part of multiple Superman storylines. She was at the fore front of one of the most iconic DC storylines; Injustce: Gods Among Us.

2- Mary Jane Watson

Partner – Spiderman/ Peter Parker

A childhood friend of Peter Parker, she is the epitome of girl next door. She was the second serious love interest of peter parker but arguably the most iconic one. She has been depicted as the love of Peter’s life ever since the 90s. That was when she became popular in the pop culture due to the wildly popular animated series Spider-Man. She was a major player in the most panned comic story of the last decade Spider-man: One More Day

3- Iris West

Partner- Flash/ Barry Allen

Another reporter girlfriend/wife to a DC superhero. In every comic depiction Iris West has been depicted as the partner of the Barry Allen version of Flash.

4- Sue Storm

Partner- Mr. Fantastic/ Reed Richards

The Wife of one of the most sought after and genius minds of the Marvel Universe is Sue Storm better known as The Invisible Woman.

5- Queen Mera

Partner- Aquaman/ Arthur Curry

6- Pepper Potts

Partner- Iron Man/ Tony Stark