All about the surgical strike by India across the Line of Control (LoC)


Surgical Strike by India

An aggressive approach against terrorism- The need of the hour



The Indian Army’s  Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt. General Ranbir Singh has said that India has conducted “surgical attacks” along the LoC in order to protect our nation from a foreboding terrorist attack from groups along the LoC.

The Defence Ministry’s aggressive and violent approach towards dealing with information received about the terrorist organizations comes as an outcome of the attack on an Indian Army camp in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir from a terrorist group in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), that killed 18 soldiers.

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So, here in this article of SAIKISITE, I will share with you the background of the surgical strike by India and the consequent reactions from India as well as Pakistan.

Surgical strike by India: The Background



A surgical attack is a military attack intended to maximize damage on the targeted organization while minimizing damage on surroundings, infrastructure and general public.

According to the DGMO Lt.General Ranbir Singh, the Indian Army had launched strikes based on extremely credible information that some terrorist organizations had “positioned themselves to infiltrate into India”. The attacks on an Indian camp in Uri by the terrorist group had further compelled the Indian Defence to give up on the previous non-aggressive stance against such attacks. 

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Surgical strike by India: The attack 

Reportedly, seven terrorist camps were targeted killing “scores of terrorists” and causing numerous casualties to their supporters in the surgical strike by India. Two Pakistani soldiers have also been reported to be killed after clashes with the Indian Army. The clash, however, did not cause any Indian casualties.

Surgical strike by India: Reaction in India



Congress Ministers including party president Sonia Gandhi lauded the army about the successful operation Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley told through a series of tweets that India was capable of repelling all forces that subvert peace in the country.

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The DGMO, however, has added that they do not have any further plans to continue the surgical attack but were prepared to face any counter action that followed.

Surgical strike by India: Reaction in Pakistan



Pakistan, as of now has bluntly denied any surgical attack and stands by their claim that the two Pakistani soldiers were killed in “cross-border firing.”Pakistan president Nawaz Shariff condemned the attack and said that -“Our desire for peace should not be interpreted as our weakness.”

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Signing off for now, with the hope arisen that every drop of blood of our martyrs’ will now not go in waste and our country will be protected. In my opinion, our former silence and peaceful approach to resolve issues that were time and again taken advantage of by Pakistan and other militant and terrorist organizations had to be discarded and a more radical and aggressive action to maintain our stand again terrorism was an immediate need of the hour.

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    • I believe,we should rather not trust what the media,general or for that matter the Prime Minister says. We should have complete trust on the statements issued by the Indian defence ministry and the Indian army.