Things to keep in mind while Selecting a Smartphone


How should I select a Smartphone?

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I am Shashank Mishra and here in this article on SAIKISITE, I am going to share with you all my personal story of smartphone selection and through that I’ll tell you that what factors should be kept in mind before you are selecting a smartphone.

Infant in this Tech World

Whenever you see any gadget or whenever you are selecting a smartphone, what is the first thing that pops in your mind about the phone? It is probably the colour , size, feasibility or the brand name. But what we forget here is that the aesthetic beauty of the gadgets are important but aren’t necessary to be a winner in users bid. If you’ll talk to any ‘geeky’ guy in this aspect he’ll say that he always looks for the specifications first.

My Own Story


Let’s take an example of my own smartphone, my own personal story. My first phone (I am not calling it ‘smart’ referring to the way we use this prefix nowadays) was Nokia 5233, a Symbian S60 V5 model, that too in a white variant. I loved that phone back then but the main point I want to draw your attention to is towards the attitude I had back then while I was selecting a smartphone.
How many friends had that device or how good it was when you first used that little beast in phone gallery?
Back then I was a new born to this world. The world which is expanding following an exponential law then that device was my first teacher in this nasty world. It taught me to broaden my vision towards RAM , Chip-sets etc..

My second phone

My second smartphone was Lumia 610, a Windows smartphone 7.5 device. Presently, I am using a Lumia 730. It is a rocking Windows 10 smartphone.
The whole idea is as we grow our views of this giant world grow. Microsoft’s Hololens has fascinated me a lot. Dude!! a heck of an idea and how beautifully they have implemented it.

Selecting a Smartphone


Now when a friend comes to me asking for a device that he/she can buy, my first advice for them is the budget (sorry I’m an Asian and to be precise Indian) and then I tell them the options relating to the specification and the brand. People nowadays are very scared to try new things they will always choose Samsung or HTC over One plus, Android over Windows (at least in India), and when u ask them the reason, they start giving excuses that are not worth mentioning.
It is good to use things that have already been to the top but you have to realise the potential a new company is trying to bring in.
You just have to see if it serves your purpose or not, like if u are a more of hardcore mobile gamer then taking a phone with low RAM and Processor will not be of any use.
Don’t just go by looks or by the brand, always go for the specifications.

An example in support

Let us consider two phones, one from a company X and the other from Y. Both have 3 GB RAM and let’s consider that brand X is more respectable than brand Y. That means X costs hell more than Y. You’ll, most probably, go for the X brand phone but what you should really look is how much the RAM is actually available and as a matter of fact when you compare X and Y you’ll see that the X brand phone will have less available RAM than the Y brand phone. That means you end up being on the losing side.


The main idea is, before selecting a smartphone, forget who made it or which brand is behind that smartphone? Take a good look at the specification sheet and then the availability of the specs of that smartphone and when you are done with all this then you should look at the brand name of the smartphone. Be geeky because it helps you and your friends.
So, in a nutshell, I would like to say that before selecting a smartphone, there are many other factors that should be kept at the top than the brand name. You must look for the RAM, processor, space etc. in particular.

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