Third Month Journey of SAIKISITE- For all the budding Bloggers


Third Month Journey of SAIKISITE

Hello, people !

First of all, I am really sorry that I am posting this article two days late. There was an unavoidable situation because of which I couldn’t post it on 24th of September (SAIKISITE’s third month anniversary).

So, with all your love and support, SAIKISITE successfully completed its third month and I am so proud to tell you this that it is going great. All the readers and the subscribers are the main reason for SAIKISITE’s growth and we wish your support and love will always be there.

I always tell this thing in all my ‘One month Journey Articles’ that these articles are very important and helpful, especially for all the budding bloggers. In all my ‘One month Journey’ Article, I share with you, all the important and major events/activities that have taken place related with SAIKISITE in one month. I always believe that if a person is in blogging then there will be new challenges every single day. With these kinds of articles, I really want to connect with those people who wants have their own blog and wants to share their knowledge with everyone.

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Like every month, this month always SAIKISITE faced some challenges and also improved on something but unlike the last two months, this month I have only a few things to share with you. So, let us start by looking at this ‘One month journey’ article of SAIKISITE. The third-month journey of SAIKISITE.

1. Alexa Rank


I always talk about the Alexa rank in all my ‘One month journey‘ articles because for a blog, Alexa rank is something that should keep on increasing. At present, when I am writing this article, the Alexa Rank of SAIKISITE is 389,203, globally. So, if we talk about the Alexa Rank for SAIKISITE, then it is continuously falling from the very first day of receiving the rank.

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2. AdSense Activated on SAIKISITE


One of the most major achievements for SAIKISITE, for this month, was when the Google AdSense was activated on in. It happened on 27th August 2016. Now, you can easily see the advertisements from Google on our blog. The income and earnings from the Google AdSense depend on the traffic on the website. After receiving a mail from Google, we placed the ads according to the blog layout and in the best way possible.

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3. Our Team


As I stated in the last ‘One month Journey’ article that now we have a blogging team and since it is a multi-blogger blog then obviously we are getting all kinds of articles here on every different topic. The blogger team of SAIKISITE has expanded with the addition of few more writers. Also, there are many who want to write for our blog and have shown their interest in writing. If we come to the technical team, then it is still the same. We are interested in people who really want to take it to another level by sharing their technical knowledge and applying them to the blog.

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4. Write For SAIKISITE


So, this is also one of the major additions that we did on SAIKISITE that we added a link/picture on the home screen (as shown in the pic) for all those people who want to write for us. By clicking this picture, you will reach to one of the SAIKISITE’s pages and then you can read the rules and conditions for writing an article for SAIKISITE. Once you are done with the reading, click the ‘Click here to Register’ button and that will take you directly to the WordPress and will ask you to log in using your id and password. Write your own username and password and start writing your article directly on WordPress and submit it for review when you are done with it.

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5. Social Networks and SAIKISITE

The performances on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has also improved. Now, our posts are reaching to a number of people on Facebook than earlier. So, that is also on the improvement path. We also received some positive feedbacks from some of our readers through the Facebook messages. All these messages motivate us and make us work more hard.

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Finally, I would say that this month had been great because everything improved a little in this month. Blogging, like I always say, is all about hard work and patience. If one doesn’t have patience then that person won’t be able to survive blogging. All our team members always try to be patient and always try to work in a field that would make their readers and audience happy.

Comment below if you want to ask anything. Keep reading SAIKISITE.

Thank You !