Time Machine Concept : Reality or Myth? (Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein Theory)


Time Travel : Myth or Reality?

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Time travel is one of the most fascinating or exciting topics to research and it gives goose bumps, just by thinking about it. So, firstly let me introduce you to the topic, it’s basically jumping  to the time, the time that has already been passed or the time that is going to come, from some place to another in which we are supposed to be living (if God is kind enough) by the means of some machine or some Doraemon gadgets, well it’s not possible to have him here. Travelling to some arbitrary place in some arbitrary year requires a high-speed rocket or some other thing, the thing that has not been invented yet. Most of you have seen a lot of movies, read books, novels, journals, research papers and we also have so many Novelists, Directors to provide us with the stuff related to this topic. Somewhere inside, all of us wish to go back to the time and undo some of the mistakes that we have done so far, some things that really went wrong for us. But the biggest question is, is it really possible?  Well, inquisitive readers like you & our respected scientists from ISRO & NASA are working on it 24/7, to make this impossible process, possible.

Time Machine: Thesis


So what all things and researchers are required to travel in the future or in the past? Albert Einstein already once proposed a theory some 100 years ago that time travel is possible & since then it has always been a hot topic among all but BANG! What have we done till yet? I am still writing a paragraph on it & wishing someday, someone will make it possible but it’s really comfortable to know that at least we are thinking for that and we are all burning with curiosity wishing that someday we will have someone who’ll be inventing it.
One thing we can do to change how we move forward in time relative to each other is by actually moving at different velocities compared to each other. The time machine that takes us into the future is basically based on Einstein’s discovery about time in speed, the faster you move in space, more the time for you, slows down as compared to the people standing still. As mind-bending as it seems it’s actually been proven by experiments.

Time Machine: Time Dilation


Some of the atomic clocks have been placed on rapidly moving aeroplanes and rockets ships and they have moved over some distance at a very rapid speed & when the clocks were measured after the end of the journey they had progressed forward in time a little bit less than similar clocks which had remained at rest on Earth. This effect is called TIME-DILATION and we can use it to travel into the future, in fact, it’s already been done by a Russian-based Cosmonaut. What actually happened in his case is that he was 50th of the second slower in the amount of time that has passed to him compared to everyone.

Time Machine: Stephen Hawking’s Theory

In one of the theories given by Stephen Hawking, he proposed that the dilation really becomes possible when you pump your speed to just near the speed of light that is 299, 792 km/h, the idea is to let clocks on the Earth move at their normal speed while you are up in space & your clock is moving more slowly and when you get back you are in the future. Suppose, for example, you want to go 500 years into the future, to move 500 years into the future, you have to move at 99.99% of the speed of light for seven year and when you’ll get back you’ll be aged only seven years but everything on earth will have aged by some hundred years.

Time Machine: Problem in building a Time Machine


But one of the biggest problems in building a time machine is that moving at such high speed to travel into future is finding enough fuel to boost the spaceship to speed that high. Although, there’s no law that you can’t  go close to the core of the earth as it would be really easy to acquire such high speed inside the Earth but rocket ship becomes heavier and heavier as you go closer and closer to light speed so, you require more and more fuel to accelerate. To use smaller and smaller amounts of fuel, you need more than an infinite amount of energy to actually break the lights bars but high speed isn’t the only way to slip into the future.
Einstein’s theory of relativity says high gravity also slows down your clock, a kind of gravity you might find near a black hole (a hole that is supposed to be black in colour because of such high gravity that it don’t even let light escape from it). Let’s say you are in the spaceship and find you just outside a block hole, for a while once you return to earth you’ll notice that many & many years may have passed on earth but only a few weeks or months will have passed in your own frame of reference. You have jumped into the future while ageing very little.

Time Machine: Evidence 


Some evidence have also been found regarding the time travelling in some of the past time and since then it has become the most mysterious thing, still unravelled.



In this black and white photo nothing seems to be odd until you notice a guy dressed in so modern outfits. This picture was taken during the reopening of a South Fork bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia. By closely inspecting one of the guys from the crowd, it can be seen that the type of T-shirt and goggles he’s wearing, it refers to some traveller from the future.


In the late 1920s, a woman was found talking on the phone when we were not having any kind of idea regarding the cellular phones. Actually, the video was shot during the shooting of a Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus.George Clark from North Ireland uploaded the video on YouTube & it went viral as it could possibly be the case of time travel and different theories have been put since then by the Scientists. An editor from The Atlantic later put on the theory that it was probably a hearing aid the machine which was invented at that time.
I hope it cools down your burning curiosity to some extent, let’s keep on working , let’s keep on trying, I  know we will achieve it sooner or later as people who are curious to learn are curious to discover.
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