How to maintain Window 10 OS in good running condition in PC/Laptop?

Tips to maintain Windows 10 in good running condition
Tips to maintain Windows 10 in good running condition

Tips to maintain Windows 10 in good running condition

Everyone wants to enjoy good computing experience for a long time but by the time we realize that our systems have become slow and we are not getting the same output which we were getting in the starting. Formatting your computer or reinstalling windows is not always a good solution because if we plan to do this we have to take a backup of files and even after that there is a risk to lose some important data.

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 you may be enjoying some awesome features of it so if you are getting the best computing experience here are some quick tips to maintain Windows 10 in good running condition. By spending some time on the regular maintenance of your computer you can enjoy your operating system at its best for a long time. Before proceeding further for these steps it is highly recommended to create a restore point because in case if anything goes wrong your Data will be safe.

1. Schedule to clean up junk files:

Depending on your computer usage habits you can make a schedule to clean up junk files weekly or Monthly. You can use Disk clean up tool to do this. To access disk, clean up you can right click on the drive and select disk clean up. Alternatively, you can also use a pc cleaner software to clean junk files.

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2. Uninstall unused programs:

We often keep installing programs on our operating system. Some of these programs we just install for one time use and then forget that it is still on our hard disk. Other than this sometimes we install a program and find that it is not something which we were looking for all such programs takes CPU usage and other resources of your computer.

So if you want to maintain the best productivity from your windows 7 you should keep removing unused programs. To do this you should go to “Add remove programs” option given in control panel from here you can view the programs installed on your computer and if you want to un install you can do that as well.

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3. Manage start up programs:

Every time you start your computer you may find some programs starting by themselves. As soon as you start installing new programs some of them keep adding themselves to start up. which not only increase start up time but also effect computers performance. In windows 10 you can find manage start up programs option in control panel. From here you can set which programs to be there on start up.

4. Let check Disk turned on:

It is always a good practice to check your hard disk drive for errors using a command in Windows called CHKDSK or Check Disk. In Windows 10, Microsoft has redesigned the check disk utility. The disk is checked for file system errors, bad sectors, lost clusters, etc., during Automatic after a certain period of time.

You now no longer need to really go and run it if you are using Windows 10. Just make it sure that this feature is turned on. You can check it using command prompt. Type the command chkntfs c:

If you get the message that Drive is not dirty, it means no check disk is scheduled.

But if you get the message Chkdsk has been scheduled to run on next reboot on Volume C:, it means a chkdsk has been scheduled. Once you are sure that CHKDSK is running automatically do not turn it off.

5. Always keep your software updated:

Time to time we find updates for our software which make them to run smoothly and without lags. To maintain the best performance on your computer you should make it sure that automatic update is turned on. You should regularly connect your system to the internet to keep your OS and software up to date.

By using these tips and tricks you can maintain optimum level of performance from your system for a long time.