Top 6 India’s Best Space Mission Programs.


Top Indian Space Mission Programs

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Here you’ll read about the ISRO’s six best space mission.

India got its independence in 1947. The British colonizers, at that time, stated that India will be a country of poors. But sooner than any one’s imagination, India grew as the leader in space and Aeronautics with an accomplishment of conducting 76 spacecraft missions and 46 launch programs to this date and many scheduled in a row in future.
India’s Mars mission which held recently was the 6th of its kind in the world after U.S, China, France etc..

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India’s Space Missions

Chandrayaan mission, hosted by India, also proved itself a very successful mission, following whose data NASA operated followed up missions.
A vivid and a very interesting story of the journey of the Indian space and research organization (ISRO) is enumerated in the biography of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Azad’s “Wings of fire”.
The storyline fascinatingly covers the description and contributions of various scientists, politicians, businessmen, and other visionaries and also various types of Space Launch Vehicles (SLVs), Geostationary Launch Vehicles (GSLVs) and engines like of Cryogenic etc..
Currently, India also hosts the launch of more than 60 satellites every year in orbit for other countries and numerous for itself too.
India is heading towards the moon, mars, and sun. The most visionary of all is India’s own manned mission to space and the moon. In which an astronaut will be sent in outer space.

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1. Aryabhatt

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It is India’s first own made satellite. It was named after the great Indian astronomer and mathematician. This satellite was launched from the Russian launch station and was mainly for astrophysics studies and for gaining experience in satellite launching and operations.


2. Chandrayaan (2008-09)


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It was a Lunar mission. Though it didn’t complete its mission due to some technical faults but still was a significant mission proving the presence of water in condensed form on the surface of the moon.
A follow-up mission called Chandraayan is also planned now.

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3. MOM (Mars orbiter mission)


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It was an interplanetary mission launched on 5th Nov, 2013 and was expected to have a six months life which it has outdated to live to the date orbiting the red planet and have already sent more than 1.5 terabyte of information with significant ones like presence of scanty water and methane which is a good hope for the chemistry of life.
This mission was cheaper than the budget of many Hollywood movies. Stills its data are very significant.

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4. Astrostat


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It is a completely astronomy devoted satellite made and launched by India from the Sriharikota launch station.
It will be onboard by a PSLV (Polar satellite launch vehicle). This vehicle is also carrying six other small satellites, 4 from U.S itself and rest 2 from Indonesia and Canada.
This satellite has employed the study of black holes, stars, and other intergalactic mysteries and has expected the life of 5 years.


5. Aditya


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This mission was started on 23rd July 2016. It is aimed towards Heliophysical phenomenon. The spacecraft will be sent to the sun to mainly study the patterns of CME (Coronal Mass Emission), solar flares etc.. It also housed a record of carrying 20 payloads from different countries including the USA, Canada, France, Indonesia etc..

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1st Manned mission space program- scheduled to be completed till 2021, India’s home based space research organization, ISRO is very ambitious in sending a man to space.
This space craft is extensively researched and believed to be the soul work of the ISRO. ISRO is also focussing the manufacturing of avatar as a transportation vehicle and research progress and testing goes neck to neck with the SpaceX program of Elon Musk which aims to establish space tourism opportunities.

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