Top Best QuickTime Alternatives for Windows 10


QuickTime Alternatives for Windows 10

The laptops for gaming purpose come with Windows 10 because it has a lot of unusual features for crazy gamers. What if some users want to use QuickTime on the same laptop? The built-in media player “QuickTime” of iOS devices is never attractive for me. It is not enough according to my requirements (videos). No problem! If you are also not satisfied with this media player, you can pick any alternative of QuickTime available online. I have brought a list of top five choices here. You can pick any of them according to your choice.

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I will not lead stress on you to select only from the below-discussed QuickTime alternatives. I just say that while choosing a replacement, you should mind a few points. It should be easy to use because even a newbie can operate an easy video player. It should contain a variety of different features. All of the below-mentioned players are quite suitable for you as QuickTime alternatives. You can download any of them to use for a long run.

Let’s move on the list of some QuickTime Alternatives now

VLC Media Player

Developed by VideoLAN, VLC has become one of the immensely popular media players for all operating systems. You will find it the best alternative of QuickTime. It does not require any additional tool to support any codecs. It runs all kinds of music files without showing any error. Its’ latest update includes a new and easy-to-use interface. VLC is not only available for Windows, but also for Android devices. It is an open-source application with a lot of attractive features.


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You should not consider it a media player, but a media center. It seems to fulfill all of the requirements of a media center. If you are still dejected for losing Front Row, try Plex. It is the perfect replacement of Front Row and the best alternative of QuickTime too. It enables you to sort out a wide range of videos according to their genre and category. You can download not only the movies but also the synopsis and your favorite movie covers.


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Downloading the video covers give a classy look to your categories. It enables you to stream movies and video songs from online sources like Netflix and YouTube, etc. It does not require any extra supportive tool to run a large number of video codecs. A distinguished feature of this app is its Media Server. It enables you to stream all of your favorite movies and video songs on your iPhone. You just need to pay minor fees to get its client for iOS devices. It can be downloaded from iTunes by paying $4.99. But for Android and Windows, it is freemium.


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Designed by Niltsh, it is another great open-source media player you can use as an alternative of QuickTime. It works in the same pattern as does VLC Player. It has Apple Remote support for the users of iOS devices. You will find its interface quite similar to QuickTime.

If you want to play any video of your choice in future, you can use its feature known as Bookmark. It reminds you what you want to play. It is a great feature, and according to my viewpoint, all video players need to provide this functionality to its users.


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Participatory Culture Foundation has developed it as an open-source application. It works with the help of the torrent client. The users will be in a fix to find it not playing some unique media files, but its built-in video converter works for a broad range of presets. A unique feature that makes it worthwhile is “Media File Sharing.” You can use it to share your desired video files with your mates if they are also using Miro.


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It works very well to play almost all kinds of music files, video songs, and movies. You can customize the interface of XBMC according to your preferences. You can download your favorite plug-ins and skin from its official site. Although I am a fan of Plex because of its great features, XBMC is also a good choice to try for once at least.


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So guys! If you have a good QuickTime alternative with unique features, do share with us by posting comments. It will be a great sharing with all of us.

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