Top 5 Most Useful Command Prompt Commands


Uses of Command Prompt

Hey, readers!
Almost all of you have encountered command prompt. But like me, most of us don’t know how to use the command. So we think that command prompt is useless.
However, the command prompt is pretty useful and can do amazing stuff if one know how to use it. This article of SAIKISITE ,will help you to understand what a powerful tool a command prompt is?


There are many ways to open the command prompt. But the easiest way is Win(key)+r. then a run window will open in that you have to type either cmd or cmd.exe 
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There any useful Command Prompt Commands that most of us don’t know about. These commands are easy to use and it help us in checking the IP address, changing the command prompt text color and in many more applications.

Useful Command Prompt Commands: Show all Installed drivers

To show all drivers on your computer just type “driverquery” In command prompt and hit Enter
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Here is the list of every driver installed in your PC

Useful Command Prompt Commands: To check IP Address of Website:

To get IP address of a website just type “nslookup website link” like “nslookup
command-prompt-saikisite 3
Here is the IP address of the website you were looking for

Useful Command Prompt Commands: How to know already saved wifi password on your PC?

First of all, I should clear this that this is only for knowing the pre-saved password and for knowledge purpose.
It is not for any type of wifi hacking.
Many sites claim that we can hack wifi with these commands. But that is not at all true.
Coming on to the command :
In command prompt
STEP1-type “netsh wlan show profiles” it will show a list of the network u have already connected.
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Step2-Nor for details of wifi type “netsh wlan show profiles nameofwifi”
                 All the details will appear but not the password.
NOTE-If the wifi name consist space in between its name then type
Its name in double quotes like “super sony”
command-prompt-saikisite 5
Step3-for password type “netsh wlan show profiles nameofwifi key=clear”
command-prompt-saikisite 6
Search for tag name key content anything that is in front of it is the password of that wifi.

Useful Command Prompt Commands: How to change the color of command prompt text?

To change the color of the text in command prompt just type color colorcode
Color codes are
Sets the default console foreground and background colors.
    0 = Black       8 = Gray       
    1 = Blue        9 = Light Blue 
    2 = Green   A = Light Green
    3 = Aqua        B = Light Aqua
    4 = Red         C = Light Red
    5 = Purple      D = Light Purple
    6 = Yellow      E = Light Yellow
    7 = White       F = Bright White
You can get this list in cmd prompt by typing “color list”
command-prompt-saikisite 7

Useful Command Prompt Commands: How to copy results from the command prompt?

Copying result from the command prompt is a big issue for some of us so to make it easy for all of you I have included that in this article.
To copy contents from command prompt just add “(space)|(space)clip” and hit enter
command-prompt-saikisite 8
All the content will be copied to the clipboard. Like, I have added the color list from the command prompt by doing the same.
If you want to add anything else or if you have something to share then do comment below in the box. Keep reading SAIKISITE.
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