Top UFO Sighting Reports in India

Published by: Vishal Jaiswal / Date: 30 June, 2016

UFO Sighting Reports in India

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Hi! Do you know that UFO (Unidentified flying object), in its most broad definition, is any obvious inconsistency in the sky that is not identifiable as a known article or wonder. Socially, UFOs are connected with cases of appearance by extraterrestrial life or government-related paranoid fears, and have gotten to be prevalent subjects in fiction. While UFOs are regularly later recognized, in some cases distinguishing proof may not be conceivable attributable to the normally low nature of confirmation identified with UFO sightings (for the most part narrative proof and observer accounts).

1. Manbhum UFO sighting (1954, Bihar)

A UFO was found in the evening by around 800 individuals living in three towns in Manbhum region of Bihar. Agreeing to few of the witnesses, the UFO was molded like a saucer around 12 feet in breadth and dim in shading.

2. Kolkata UFO Sighting (2007, Kolkata)

A quick moving item was seen at 30° angle in the eastern skyline somewhere around 3:30 AM and 6:30 AM and taped on a Handy-cam. Its shape moved from a circle to a triangle and after that to a straight line. The item transmitted a brilliant light, framing a corona and emanated a scope of hues. It was spotted by numerous individuals and hundreds accumulated along the E.M. Detour to get a look at the UFO, setting off a furor. The video footage was discharged on a TV News channel and later appeared to Dr. D.P. Duari, the executive of MP Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, who observed it to be “to a great degree fascinating and weird”.

3. Kanpur UFO Sighting (2015, Kanpur)

A schoolboy asserted to have caught photos of a UFO in Kanpur.

4. Gorakhpur UFO Sighting (2015, Gorakhpur)

The UFO, an enormous circle molded flying item, was supposedly found drifting over Padri market in Gorakhpur. Bits of gossips are doing the rounds on the web that the UFO was the same protest that was seen in Lucknow and Kanpur a couple of months earlier. The viral pictures were clicked by an individual distinguished as Rinku, who purportedly said the item was pivoting all alone. The photographs have been broadly circled on informing applications, for example, WhatsApp and person to person communication destinations including Facebook and Twitter. Be that as it may, the locale organization has released the bits of gossips, saying it was simply one more fabrication. The viral pictures are being considered by specialists from Gorakhpur University.