Why do we not take Revenge?


Hello, People!

I, Amit Bharti, like to share my personal views regarding the trust of people in their community and their respective associates who communalize a healthy society. We human being won’t leave without society we depend on each other through various means and purposes some due to our lacking and some due to our much efficiency that we possess to live together.

A collective hurdle always creates a problem, which makes a sense of big issue if it is not in a controlled way. The negative aspects of any virtue rise more vigorously than the positive part it is so because the tremendous energy which we flow through our envious deeds towards anyone it replicates enormously in a rapid way and forms a face of terror or battleship. It frames our mind and set up this in the direction to defeat the oppressor without bothering us any limit and we forget the moral and pious deeds that for what we humankind are made for.
“Revenge a sin”- it does not prove that how much we have an efficient power to oppose any change or to heal any pain.

It is always taken in a negative way whether it is subjected for a quest of any welfare for humankind. We never accept anyone’s revenge in a meaningful way that whatever he had done in his past that was his sin towards humankind as we relate them to uncivilized and can also reject their virtue from our society for overall welfare.
The word “revenge” is out of justice for human as well as for any living creature. It always subjected as disheartening to someone who faulty or known committed mistake but it’s not the right way to take our oppressor on a right track.
Revenge is an endless chain of destruction, so it’s better to quit.

I give you thousands of answers why not to revenge but in the least way, I would like to conclude through my best mean that is, instead of taking revenge, reveal yourselves to rearrange in your realm for better living of humankind.
This is my quest of life to spread peace and revolve around the real truth of life.