Why Donald Trump won the 2016 USA Presidential Elections ?


Donald Trump is going to be the new President of the USA

When the world got Trumped

The republican candidate, Donald John Trump,created history on November 8, 2016, when he defeated Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for the Presidential elections in the United States of America.


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While the world expected Mrs.Clinton to have an edge in this election,the world got Trumped, quite literally.

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So, here in this article of SAIKISITE, let us see how Mr. Donald Trump turned the odds in his favor and won the confidence and eventually the votes of some 59 million American voters.

1. He won over the working class and the non-college going whites

Some odd 72% men without college degrees voted for Mr. Donald Trump. And the turnout in the majorly working class counties was far beyond expectation. Consequently, he even gained more support in areas that favored Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential elections.


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However, Hillary Clinton didn’t gain huge leads with the educated suburban women. Also, the African-American turnout was less.

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2. His Non-elitist strategy

Now, this may seem odd but amidst all the opulence and elitism  associated with Donald Trump, he succeeded in creating his image as a “people’s man“. His promises to the working class and his projection as the most unconventional presidential nominee with his unabashed arrogance yet promise to get jobs back from the immigrants obviously struck a chord with the American voter.

While Hilary Clinton was projected as the ideal presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s flaws somehow worked in his favor.

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3The FBI report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server


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As the secretary of state, Clinton apparently exchanged, intentionally or maybe unintentionally, classified information, which many hackers repeatedly at least tried to access. Not caring about national security did not reflect well on the image of the presidential nominee, an agenda Mrs.Clinton lost out on, hence losing out on a majority of voters.

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4. Donald Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again.”

He promised the American people to revive America’s economy, give them a change the country is desperate for, and eventually make America great again, which became a phenomenon, resonating through each of his rallies, increasing his support.


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At 70 years old, Donald Trump will become the oldest person to become president, and it is one of the many exceptions his presidential run has been symbolic of. Defying every textbook rule of American politics, he has already done what almost everyone considered impossible. What fate America will have, after this impossible feat, only time can tell.

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