Why India is not able to win more medals in the International Events?


Misery of Indian Players (India in Olympics)

Before you start with this article, I have a simple question for you all :

How many of you still think that hockey is the national game of India?
So, for all of your information, our country (India) does not have a national game.
Hello, people !
Does anyone of you has ever thought that why are the Indian players suffering in the international arena, whether it is Olympics, world championship or any other international sports event?
In this article of SAIKISITE, I am going to deal with some of the most prominent reasons behind this so called ‘poor performance of Indian sportspersons’.
The most prominent reason behind this is the lack of interest of people in different sports except cricket. There is an excessive media coverage to Cricket and the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) is one of the richest cricketing boards in the entire universe
So we can say that one of the faults for other sports not being able to survive in this country is because of the lack of coverage by either media or sports channels.

India in Olympics: Engineers/Doctors Factory


I am using a simple statement to convey my point. India produces about 10,00,000 engineers every year and you can definitely call this country as engineers factory but when it comes to sports you as readers, tell me how many gold medals India has able to won in the entire history of Olympics? Well, India has won a total of 26 medals in the entire history of Olympic games.
10,00,000 engineers per year and only 26 champions in last 100 years  in the Olympics.

Indian in Olympics: Ideology of society


One of the main reasons behind this is the ideology of society. Parents will not support their children in sports but will support them in their academics because there is no money in sports and parents always want their children future to be safe and secure.
India in Olympics: Not a full-time Athletes


Most of the sports people who are either a national champion or a state champion are engaged in sports or any game, on a part-time basis only and these are those athletes who, if given an opportunity, can become the pride of the country.
Although the government is taking several measures to provide various sports scholarship at the grass root level and those who are in a need of it but this is just the beginning. We still have miles to go. 
If a country of over 1.2 billion people is not able to win the medals in the big events like Olympics then there is something really wrong with the system and many important and major steps must be taken to improve the condition.
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  1. Topic and issues related to it have been nicely discussed, but the solution to the problem should be given more importance. Sometimes it feels really very disgusting that a nation having 125 cores population is in such a pity situation in Olympics. Hope your next article will suggest something regarding this.