Why your depression and guilt takes over your happiness?

This article will help you to understand that why a person's guilt or depression takes over his/her happiness? How society can make you depress and unhappy?

Pessimism: Feelings and Reasons

Hello, people!

Failures and success are the two sides of the same coin. Almost everyone, at one or the other, stage fails drastically. But can one imagine the same for something he once excelled? Everything seems to be coming to an end. One starts getting negative vibes with the slightest unfavorable happening and gets gormless of which way is life leading to? The internet obviously is flooded with motivational articles, which one starts browsing, listening to motivational speakers, reading success stories and the list continues. But does it even work? Yeah, obviously one feels motivated, full of new hopes, enthusiastic, but how long? An hour, a day or maybe two! Then what happens is the other side of the story. The same feelings of disappointment take over. When a person meets failure at something of his passion and love, nothing such sort works. And when one shares the same with someone trustworthy, he gets advised to do what he has already tried, the same which lasts for mere hours. Or something else that he can advise to try being positive, speak to friends, meditate or whatever but truly speaking the advisor seems an ultracrepidarian .


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Let’s look at some of the reasons why our depression and guilt takes over our happiness?

In this article of SAIKISITE, I’m definitely not going to tell how to keep oneself motivated but the reasons which lead to same. The reasons depression and guilt takes over the happiness. I am myself searching for ways which may lead me to the brighter side of life.

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Wrong Choices

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One of the reasons a person turns negative and his/her depression and guilt takes over the happiness is his own wrong decision making, at some point of life, which he later regrets. The moment of choice making is one of the most difficult ones. Though at that very moment a person thinks it might be altered later on but trust me, that is a complete misconception. One keeps getting drowned with every coming second in the same ocean. Every new wave takes the person deeper and the mere thought of returning back makes him realize the depth he has already reached. I would, again from my experience, say that never ever go for something you heart does not allow. You will end up losing what is yours and there would be nothing except to regret. I am myself at a stage I never wanted to be. I am involved with something I used to hate. I am an engineering student and I hate science. Well, I guess this is the case with almost 50-60% engineering students in India. But not having interest in something and bitterly hating something is different. At this moment, when I look back, I regret my decision of accepting what others said and not following my heart. I regret of being weak enough to get manipulated to choose science over literature and I ended up losing what I had to a great extent. Like many others I was convinced that yes I’ll be able to walk down the streets of my interest later on but I was wrong. Here, I remember Robert Frost’s words from ‘The road not taken’ and I quote

“Oh, I kept the first for another day!
yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back”

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‘Log kya kahenge?'(What will the society say?), one of the key factors which abstain a person from being the original self he is. When one tries being different from what the tradition follows, he starts getting advises and comments on how drastically can it affect his entire life. Have you already experienced what I am going to? Please keep mum if not. At least do not discourage. Why does my life and my choice concern you more than anything? Please, go get a life and let others live. So, society is one of the key reasons why your depression and guilt takes over your happiness

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There was a time when I was so good at this! Oh God! this is what happened. I could never imagine something such sort of taking place. Others are doing so well. Am I the only one lagging behind? No, I am not capable enough. I do not deserve being here…. and the list never ends. This is what happened to me and I guess happens with most of the people who cannot. Because I was unsuccessful in something I was always appreciated for! I feel inferior very easily and trust me once this complex enters, it is very difficult to be overcome. It keeps making a person shallow with every passing incident and so prone to breaking that any petty issue can affect him psychologically to a great extent. The depression and guilt of a person takeover his/her happiness. It leads to isolation, from people, from the world. One tries avoiding others which further adds to depression.


Apart from these, there are several other factors leading to pessimism. I never feel like sharing these feelings because I know what responses am I going to get. I’ve been told several things or I would say motivational things but trust me nothing works because I am surrounded with what constantly keeps me reminding of what one set of wrong decisions can lead to. It’s easy to advise but very, very difficult to move on. Nothing inspirational can mark its effect for more than a short span because ultimately what surrounds you, keeps haunting.

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My Request

I hereby request all my readers to please, always follow your hearts, do whatever you desire because I really don’t want anyone to end up with a mindset like this and do not want that your depression and guilt takes over your happiness.

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Personally, I don’t have answers to these dilemmas. I know life is not easy and there’s much more waiting ahead. But I don’t want to start with a mindset like this. I or anyone in a similar situation needs to overcome this. I don’t know how but I’m still in search of the answers.

Any suggestions are welcome in the comment box. Keep reading SAIKISITE.

Thank You!