Yes, I’m the guy who went to see Delhi Belly with my parents.

Published by: Shantanu Giri / Date: 26 June, 2016

Oh yes, you read it right. I am that unfortunate guy who went to the theatre to see Delhi Belly Movie along with my parents. Well,  I would say since Mr. Aamir Khan produced it and I didn’t see much of their promotional events so like any other Aamir Khan’s movie, I thought this would also be for family ( I know that was stupid :P).

So, let me just start up by telling you first and foremost that I was 16 at that time, so technically even I wasn’t old enough to see that movie but again Mr. Aamir Khan was the reason for this too :D. I still remember that it was Saturday that day and me and my mom-dad, we were sitting in our house, nothing much to do. So, I came up with this super awesome plan (Sarcasm šŸ˜› ) of Delhi Belly. Whenever we go out for a movie, my dad generally ask me about the movie that who is the actor?, who is director or producer? etc.. So, he did the same about Delhi Belly and since even I didn’t know much about it , I just told him what I knew that “Dad the producer is Aamir, Aamir Khan” . Those were my words. My dad is a big fan of Aamir Khan, so he agreed and I immediately booked three evening show tickets for the movie . Like any other kid, I was excited that we are going to see a movie  and I asked one of my friends Pranav about it but since it was such a new movie, released just the previous day, so he also didn’t have any idea about it. So without thinking much we all got ready and we went for the movie.

In the theatre

So , we got everything checked and finally we got the seat. Till the time we were in the theatre, that ‘A’ certificate also passed, so basically everything was against me that day. The movie started. To make it sound more interesting for you all and more embarrassing for me let me tell you all that it was in Hindi!!!!. Now, as most of you by know have seen Delhi Belly, so it starts first with the room sequence, where these three leads (Vir Das, Imran Khan and Kunaal Roy Kapur) are there. Trust me by then I didn’t have any clue that there will be abuses or use of any bad word in the movie or any adult scenes.
So the moment finally came. The first bad word hit my ears and I was like “What?!” and till the time I could figure out that why it happened? or why it’s happening?, I was scared or I would say embarrassed to the core.  I could not figure out what to do? After a certain point of the movie, I literally could not understand a single dialogue of the film or where it was going? It was just thirty minutes of the movie, I felt like I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life and I should probably now get up and run out of the theatre. The only good thing happened was, that our three seats were the corner seats and I was sitting at the extreme corner. So, for the whole movie I was to the extreme of the extreme point of my seat and was watching the movie from a very uncomfortable angle. šŸ˜€
Now, during the whole movie I was just fighting with myself. I was just figuring out that what I should do and what would happen next ? The biggest fear for me was the INTERVAL. I was really worried for the interval and was thinking that what would I be doing during that? Somehow, the interval came. I was little happy at one point that at least half of the movie is done and I have half of the more battle to fight but at the other part I was scared. Generally, what I do is, I ask for popcorn or cold drink or any other thing but you really thing I did this? Yes, you are right, “NOT AT ALL” . So what I did is , I got up from my seat and immediately ran out to the toilet. That was the fastest I made it out of the theatre. I came directly after the interval and even much after the 10 minutes of the movie passed to fight the rest of the battle. Thanx to the makers of the film that it was not that long and finally after all the fluctuations of my emotions, the movie ended. My dad said something to my mom after the movie ended and I was thinking that whatever they were talking, it must be about me.

Post Movie

So, as it’s very normal, I couldn’t look into the eyes of my mom and dad. I was really very embarrassed because the place where we live, it’s  not normal to see a movie like Delhi Belly with our parents. While we were returning back to our home, there was no discussion on the film like it generally happens for other films.
We came home and after a while, I  told my mom-dad that I literally had no idea that the movie would turn out to be this, then my dad said , and this made me really very comfortable, “it’s okay beta, SHIT HAPPENS !! “. šŸ˜€